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Rules and Regulations

School Code of Conduct


The school vision for discipline focuses on producing ‘a disciplined, reflective and responsible Patrician worthy of God and Man.’ Our Mission Statement expresses this sentiment in formulating and implementing a pupil management and discipline policy, mindful of our association with parents and external organizations. Thus our Mission Statement is “to develop positive behaviour and self-discipline in Patricians through a comprehensive discipline programme characterized by Lasallian values so as to maximize their potential in the area of character development.”

The True Patrician

  • Will endeavour to acquire, possess and nurture the Patrician spirit of LOYALTY TO HIS SCHOOL.
  • Will strive to cultivate in himself HONESTY AND INTEGRITY at all times.
  • Will endeavour to observe orderliness and show RESPONSIBILITY in everything he does.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Patricians are punctual for school, games and other school activities. If he is late, he reports to the General Office before he enters a class.
  • Patricians do not leave the school premises during school hours without the written permission of the Form Teacher AND the Principal / Vice-Principal / HOD Discipline / Operations Manager.
  • Patricians do not leave their classrooms without the “Permission To Leave Class” Pass.
  • When Patricians are absent, they provide very good reasons for being so.
  • Absences from school must be substantiated by a valid Medical Certificate.
  • Patricians are expected to attain 90% attendance before they are allowed to sit for the school’s examinations.

The School Uniform

School Attire

  • Patricians are to wear the prescribed school attire at all times in and outside of school. Modification to the school attire is not allowed.
  • Patricians are neatly dressed in their school attire when on the school premises and at all school functions outside school.
  • Shirts must have a pocket on the left side. Shorts/long trousers must not have pleats. Denim and other similar materials are not allowed.
  • Shirt sleeves must not be folded and buttons on the shirts must be plain.
  • All shirts are to be neatly tucked into the shorts/long trousers. The school belt must be visible.
  • The school tie must have a neat tie knot and is worn every school day at the Flag Raising Ceremony. Patricians who forget to bring their ties are required to purchase one at the school bookshop.
  • All Patricians are required to wear the school belt. Patricians who forget to wear their belts are required to purchase one from the Discipline Master.
  • Canvas shoes must be low-cut, clean and white based. Laces must be white. Laces, velcro straps or other securing devices must be present.
  • Slippers, sandals and sloppy footwear are not to be worn at any time on the school premises. Only pupils with a medical certificate/ parent’s letter will be granted permission to wear slippers/sandals.
  • All Patricians are to wear the school socks (with embroidered school logo). They must cover the ankle fully. Patricians who come to school without proper socks will purchase a new pair from the Discipline Master.
  • During the holidays, a Patrician is expected to wear his full school uniform whenever he comes to school. He is to change into the appropriate attire for his PE/CCA/House activities.
  • Wind- breakers or sweaters may be worn in cool weather or for medical reasons. The design and colours should be plain.
  • Upper secondary Patricians (Sec 3,4 & 5) are given the privilege to wear long pants at the start of the academic year.
  • Baggy shorts/trousers, worn at the hips, are strictly prohibited. Patricians wearing baggy shorts/trousers will be sent home. Such Patricians can only return to school, if they are in proper attire and given permission by the school authorities to do so.


  • Hair must be short and neatly combed. The hair at the front, when pulled downwards, should be above the eyebrows.
  • Hair at the crown must not be too bushy or thick.
  • Hair at the back should not touch the collar. There must be a gradual slope at the back. The slopes should not be stepped or under cut.
  • Hair should not have undercrop, or any other inappropriate styles.
  • Hair at the side should not touch the ears. Long sideburns including moustache and beard are not allowed. Patricians must be clean shaven. Hair must be its natural colour and should not be dyed/highlighted.
  • The school reserves the right to engage the services of a professional barber to cut the hair of Patricians whom the school deems unacceptable. The cost of the haircut will be borne by the Patricians.


  • Ear-rings, nose-rings/studs, white transparent/translucent ear sticks on the earlobes, chokers, bangles, wrist bands, either of cloth, string, leather, plastic or metal, fanciful/gaudy spectacle frames, or any objects deemed inappropriate by the school are not allowed.
  • Patricians are not allowed to have parts of their body decorated. The school reserves the right to suspend these Patricians indefinitely.
  • Religious objects may be worn after written approval is granted by the P/VP. If for religious reasons a Patrician wears a chain and pendant, he keeps these concealed within his shirt.
  • No jewellery or expensive watches are allowed. Neck chains must not be visible.

PE / CCA / House Attire

  • Patricians always wear the proper PE attire as required by the school for PE. This means proper running vests and black shorts (with printed school logo).
  • Patricians wear the CCA/House round-neck T-shirts only during functions like CCA activities and inter-house games or sports meets. T-shirts must be tucked into their shorts/trousers.

Assembly and Dismissal

  • Our school assemblies and chapel services will be conducted in the school hall, assembly yard and chapel.
  • Flag raising ceremonies are held at 0715 hrs every school day. Patricians assemble in the Assembly Yard when the first bell rings. Upon dismissal Patricians move off QUIETLY and in an ORDERLY MANNER to their classrooms.
  • Dismissal from classes for recess or from school shall be effected only by the Teacher-in-charge of the class.

Classroom Behavior

  • In class, at all times, Patricians show themselves to be disciplined. They are polite and courteous to Brothers, Teachers, fellow pupils, non-teaching staff and visitors to the school.
  • Patricians know that they should not eat and drink in class.
  • Patricians show proper respect by not committing acts of vandalism on any property.
  • Patricians refrain from using vulgar language as this reflects on their home upbringing.
  • Patricians show decorum by not sitting on the teacher’s table or chair and not scribbling on the blackboard/white-board/notice board.
  • Patricians are mindful that they should ensure security of property of others left in the classroom by not entering a classroom during recess, P.E. or any other time not authorised. Their honesty requires that they adhere to this ruling strictly.
  • Patricians should not leave their books or other items in class, inside their desks, teachers’ drawers or the class cabinets. Storage cupboards in classrooms are intended for use by teachers. Patricians take pride in ensuring that they are used as intended and are kept in good order.


  • Smoking is against the Law. Patricians are not allowed to associate with outsiders who smoke. It is their duty to report to the School Authorities, fellow Patricians whom they have seen smoking. Patricians found in possession of cigarettes and/or lighters/matches will be caned and referred to the Smoking Control Unit, National Pharmaceutical Administration, Ministry of Health.

National Anthem and Pledge

  • Patricians who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Patricians will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

Banned Items

  • Patricians are reminded that Walkmans, Discmans, pagers, handphones, electronic games or cartridges, CD-Roms, cassette tapes, CDs, VCDs, video tapes, all forms of cards, computer diskettes or any form of electronic gadgets or devices are prohibited. (Only CD-Roms and diskettes used for the School IT lessons are permitted to be brought to school.)
  • Such items will be confiscated if they are heard or seen and parents will be informed to collect them at an appropriate time.

Out of Class Behaviour

  • Patricians never enter laboratories, workrooms and the Teachers’ Staff rooms without permission. Patricians respect the privacy of Teachers by not entering the Teachers’ Staff room.
  • Patricians are grateful for the facilities provided by the school for their education. Furniture, computer, science and PE equipment as well as library books and magazines are treated with care so that others may benefit from their use when they have finished using them. Patricians will be made to pay for items they damaged.
  • Patricians are not queue jumpers when they queue for food in the canteen. They do not eat or drink outside the canteen as they are concerned about the cleanliness of the school’s environment. They make it their duty to return plates, bowls, glasses and bottles to the respective containers provided by the food stalls as this helps the general appearance and cleanliness of the canteen.
  • No Patrician steals from his fellow Patricians. Such an act brings him dishonour and takes away his self-respect and any respect others may have for him. Such an act brings hardship upon the one he steals from. Culprits will be handed over to the police.
  • Patricians show that they are caring persons. They help others who genuinely need emotional, spiritual and financial support. Where they are capable, they tutor their fellow Patricians who need academic assistance. Patricians are not selfish or smug about their abilities.
  • Patricians show they are educated and polite. They greet others because it is proper and reflects their desire to be friendly and respectful.
  • Patricians are mindful that in keeping the school litter free, they enjoy a clean and green environment and make the school aesthetically pleasing for visitors.

Public Behaviour

  • Patricians ZEALOUSLY GUARD AND PROJECT A GOOD IMAGE OF THE SCHOOL by behaving in a courteous and civilised manner at all times in and out of school.
  • Loyal Patricians always present their best behaviour, expected of law-abiding citizens. Good school climate and moral tone is achieved through the concerted effort of all pupils in the school. Discipline is therefore, the responsibility and duty of EVERY PUPIL in the school.

Code of Conduct Notice Board

  • Our code of conduct will be reviewed periodically and new codes will be announced and updated in the Students’ Handbook.