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Rules and Regulations


The Patrician values of Faith, Service, Community, Humility, Humanity and Honesty provide the foundation for the code of conduct for a Patrician. The Patrician Code of Conduct articulates the mindfulness and self-discipline that all students should exhibit. The Patrician is a responsible person who imbibes the school values and uses that to guide his thoughts and actions. The Patrician strives to be his best self as a member of the community and in doing so, brings out the best in others.


We believe that all Patricians have the innate desire and potential to be a positive influence in the community. We know that Patricians understand the importance of exercising self-discipline and discernment in making the right decisions, in and for the community. Patricians are proud of their school, and would want to ensure that the conducive learning environment, and good name of the school continues to be upheld with high standards.


A.     ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY                                                                                                            

Patricians understand the privilege of being in St Patricks School, and realises the importance of partaking in every aspect of the learning experience in the school. Patricians also take pride in maintaining high standards, and continues to show respect to his teachers; friends; and the school, by ensuring his punctuality.

1.      Patricians are punctual for school, classes, CCA and other school activities. If he is late in the morning, a Patrician displays fundamental manners by apologising for his lateness.

He knows how to register his attendance with a member of the discipline department at the front security desk or at the discipline office before returning immediately to class. He will be issued a late slip which he will show his subject teacher upon entering the classroom.

2.       As a means to help Patricians learn and appreciate the value of punctuality for school, Patricians who arrive late will need to understand that they would need to be responsible for their actions. The serving of detention for late-coming is a common consequence. If he repeatedly arrives more than 30 minutes after morning assembly, the Patrician accepts that he will be suspended from class on the same day.

3.       The number of late-coming days for each Patrician is kept for one semester before a reset is done.

4.       “Fair” conduct grades are given to Patricians at the end of each term who have accumulated the following :

4.1     5 or more late days in term 1 and/or a total of 8 or more late days at the end of term 2.

4.2     5 or more late days in term 3 and / or a total of 8 or more late days at the end of term 4.

5.       Patricians do not leave the school premises during school hours without the written permission of the Form Teacher and the Principal / Vice-Principal / HOD Discipline.

5.1     Patricians knows that the Squash Courts and Brother Quarters Block are strictly out of bounds during recess and lunch breaks

6.     In the event that a Patrician is absent from school with a valid reason, he must take the responsibility to submit, upon their return to school and on his initiative, a valid Medical Certificate or a Letter of Excuse (not more than 3 per year) from parent(s) or guardians.

7.     Patricians are expected to attain 90% attendance before they are allowed to sit for the School's Examinations.


The Patrician is proud to be of a school with a long history and culture. He knows that he is part of a larger community of Patricians, past and present. He is mindful that it is a privilege to be a student of St Patricks School, and he will wear the uniform with respect and pride.


1.     Patricians take pride in dressing smartly for school. He wears the prescribed school attire (refer to photos of school attire-front view and back view) neatly at all times in and outside of school. No modification of the uniform is allowed.

2.     Patricians, as respectful members of the community, dutifully put on the proper school uniform, tie, badge, belt and socks every morning for the Flag Raising Ceremony. Patricians who forget to bring their ties and badges will need to purchase a replacement immediately from the school bookshop to ensure they are all ready to start the day well.

3.     Patricians wear their full uniform / PE attire whenever they are in school even during school holidays. Patricians, past and present, know that St Patricks School reserves the right to deny them access if they are improperly attired and

/ or have exposed tattoos.


4.     Patricians can report for school in their PE attire (house T-shirt and school black shorts) only on days with PE lessons. A responsible and respectful Patrician knows that school uniform and other T-shirts and shorts (including CCA-based apparel) are not allowed to be worn for PE lessons.

4.1     Patricians tuck their PE shirts neatly into their shorts before and after

PE lessons.

4.2     Patricians wear their CCA shirts only for their CCA activities and approved school events.

4.3     Patricians know and accept the disciplinary consequences (i.e. suspension from class and / or returning home to change) for wearing PE attire on non-PE days without a valid reason.


5       As budding sportsmen with a mind towards athletic performance and foot stability, Patricians are allowed to wear coloured shoes that are designed specifically for running or training e.g. running, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, cross training shoes.

6         Patricians avoid sportswear / casual footwear that are originally designed for style and do not achieve the goal of athletic performance and foot stability. Sloppy footwear, loafers, street-wear, high cut canvas shoes, skate-boarding shoes, slippers and sandals are not worn by Patricians to school as they do not serve the requisite purpose of the school shoes.

6.1     Patricians know that slippers and sandals can only be worn due to a valid medical reason i.e. injuries / medical condition supported by medical certificate / memo.

6.2     Patricians know and accept the disciplinary consequences (i.e. returning home to change and/or suspension from class) for wearing non-approved shoes.


7        Patricians wear white socks that covers their ankles. Patricians without proper socks (i.e coloured, low ankle socks) will purchase a new pair from the book shop.

8        Patricians may wear windbreakers or sweaters in air-conditioned classrooms or for medical reasons. The design and colours should be plain. Patricians know that windbreakers would need to be removed for morning assemblies.


9        Patricians in Upper Secondary (Sec 3, 4 & 5) are given the privilege to wear long pants at the start of the academic year.

9.1     Patricians believe that their uniform reflects the school identity and as such they do not modify or tailor their school attire i.e. does not taper or shorten their shorts/pants, removal of shirt pockets.

9.2    Patricians know and accept the disciplinary consequences (i.e. returning home to change and/or suspension from class) for wearing improper attire. A respectful  Patrician  understands  that  he  can  only  return to school for lessons if he is in proper, unmodified attire and given permission to do so.


Patricians pride themselves on being presentable and well-groomed young men.

10.    Patricians have a short and neat haircut that enables them to look smart and well-groomed.

10.1  The fringe, when pulled downwards, must be above his eyebrows.

10.2  The hair at the top / crown must not be too bushy or thick.

10.3  Hair at the side should not touch the ears.

10.4  Long sideburns are not allowed.

10.5  Hair at the back must not touch the shirt collar.

10.6  There must be a gradual slope at the back.

11.   Patricians sport an appropriate hairstyle.

11.1   A respectful Patrician avoids having inappropriate hairstyles that include stepped; high fade; undercut styles; Mohawk and Faux hawk styles.

11.2   Shaved hairstyles and razor lines are also considered inappropriate hairstyles.

12.  All Patricians, with the exception of Sikh students, are clean shaven. All facial hair including moustache, beard and stubble are not allowed.

13.  Patricians keep their original hair colour and do not dye or highlight their hair.

14.  The school will conduct hair-checks twice a term and give students a deadline by which to cut their hair.

14.1  Patricians comply willingly with school disciplinary consequences should they miss the haircut deadline.

14.2  Patricians and their parents accept that St Patricks School reserves the right to engage the services of a professional barber to cut the hair of Patricians whom the school deems unacceptable after the given deadline. The cost of the haircut will be borne by Patricians.

15.  Patricians who continue to sport long and / or inappropriate, coloured hairstyles and/or unshaven appearance will be warned and their parents notified. Patricians know and accept that persistently flouting the haircut rule will result in their suspension from class / school. A respectful Patrician understands that he can only return to school for lessons if he has met the schools expectations for hairstyle and/or facial hair and given permission to do so.


Eg of Boys Hairstyle.PNG

Example of boys' hairstyle



16.  Patricians know that there is an appropriate decorum for school, and the wearing of accessories is prohibited in school.

16.1  Earrings, nose rings / studs, transparent / translucent / coloured ear sticks on the earlobes, chokers, bangles, wrist bands (either of cloth, string, leather, plastic or metal) and jewellery are not allowed in school.

16.2  Fanciful / gaudy spectacle frames, coloured & fancy contact lenses, or any objects deemed inappropriate by the school are also not allowed.



Sch Attire Front View.PNG

Drawing Sch Attire Front View.PNG




Drawing Sch Attire Back View.PNG


17.  If it is necessary for a Patrician to always carry religious objects, it should be safely kept in his bag or pockets. Any request by a student to wear the religious object should be made to the Principal / Vice-Principal, and it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

18.  Patricians are not allowed to have any exposed tattoos on their bodies. The school reserves the right to suspend these Patricians indefinitely, especially for tattoos that are difficult to conceal i.e. on limbs.


19.  Patricians are prohibited from possessing any sharp objects, weapons and weapon- like items which can be used to cause harm to others. Other prohibited items include lighters, playing cards, and sharp-pointed / sharp-edged tools/equipment (including scissors and penknives). Such items will be confiscated indefinitely.

19.1  Any sharp tools / equipment needed for lessons will be issued and collected back by each individual subject teachers. The usage of such sharp items can only be used under the supervision of a teacher.


1.       Flag raising ceremonies are held at 0730 hrs every school day. Patricians assemble in the Hall or Assembly Yard by 0725 hrs. Upon dismissal, Patricians move off quietly and in an orderly manner to their classrooms.

2.       Patricians who are Singaporean citizens must sing the National Anthem and take

the Pledge. Patricians will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

3.       Patricians will also sing the school rally and Lasallian song with pride.


1.     Patricians are respectful of others in the community, and seek to maintain good relationships with everyone in the school community. They seek to communicate with a respectful and appropriate tone, and also know how to disagree appropriately with both peers and teachers. Patricians have the ability to recognise the emotions of others, and will seek to be sensitive and sensible in ensuring respect and harmony. Patricians are also able to practice self-discipline and management to ensure that the learning environment in the school remains conducive for all students.

2.       Patricians leave the classroom during recess and do not eat and drink (except for water) in class.

3.       The use of mobile phones in St Patricks School is only confined to the canteen and limited areas on the first floor. Patricians do not use mobile phones in class or anywhere from the second floor upwards during recess. This is to ensure that students do not get distracted by the incessant need to check their phone messages and/or be lured by the games on their phones.

4.       Patricians show proper respect to school property by not committing acts of

vandalism on any property, in and outside of school e.g. graffiti, damaging chairs

/ tables, wilfully using a fire extinguisher.

5.       Patricians speak politely and refrain from using vulgar language at all times.

5.1     Any Patrician caught using vulgarities, directly and indirectly, on school staff and peers will be subject to school disciplinary action(s) and counselled.

6.       Patricians leave class during lessons only with their teacher's pass. Only ONE

student is allowed to leave the class at any one time.

7.     Patricians who represent the school for any competition and / or are in Student Leadership positions and / or are appointed CCA Leaders also know that the privilege of their selection is based on continued good behaviour in class and school.

7.1    A Patrician Athlete / School Representative / Student Leader / CCA Leader accept that their CCA representation/leadership position may be forfeited if he commits a major and/or serious disciplinary offence in or outside school.


1.   Patricians do not engage in underage smoking which is illegal under the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act. Patricians strongly avoid associating with peers who smoke. It is their duty to report to the school authorities fellow Patricians whom they have seen smoking.

2.     Lighters / matches, e-cigarettes and / or e-shisha pens will be caned and / or suspended. They will also be referred to the relevant Enforcement and Health authorities.

3.     Patricians found to be engaging in underage smoking and/or possession of any tobacco product will be considered guilty of the offence, regardless of whether they were in school uniform or plain clothes.


1.     Patricians guard and project a good image of the school by behaving in a courteous and civilized manner at all times outside of school.

2.     Respectful Patricians always present their best behaviour, expected of any law- abiding citizen. Good school climate and moral tone is achieved through the concerted effort of all pupils in the school. Self-management is, therefore, the responsibility and duty of every student in this school.

3.     Patricians who disgrace the name of the school by committing criminal acts; exhibiting bad behaviour (e.g. spewing profanities) and / or causing disturbance to members of public will face disciplinary action(s) from the school even if relevant enforcement authorities has taken legal action against such Patricians.


Patricians demonstrate the values of honesty, humanity and community when using ICT in school. Patricians will respect and observe the usage guidelines for ICT in school, as specified in the ICT Acceptable Use Policy. Patricians would at all times ensure that the computer equipment and other facilities provided at SPS are used only for the purposes intended.

I       General Policy

1.     Patricians will use the ICT resources according to the purpose for which they are provided, which is for teaching and learning activities.

2.     Patricians shall not use / engage in any activities relating to the use of the ICT resources that will be in violation of the laws of Singapore, in particular (but not limited to), the Computer Misuse Act (Cap 50A, available at http://statutes.agc.gov. sg/) as may be amended from time to time. Some examples of such illegal uses are:

2.1     downloading, distribution, sharing or storing of seditious, obscene or pornographic materials;

2.2     infringement of any copyright and intellectual property right.

II      Account UserIDs and Passwords

3.     Patricians shall not reveal their login userIDs and passwords assigned to them.

4.     Users shall be responsible and accountable for all activities conducted via his account.

III     Internet Access,  Social Usage and Communication

5.      Patricians exercise self-management, and respects others in the community.

  He will not transmit libellous; slanderous; defamatory in nature; threatening or abusive messages that may be reasonably construed as such.

6.      Patricians will be discerning when accessing websites. They will avoid website of unknown or disreputable origin.

7.      Patricians will be responsible for all content that they upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise made available via the school network.

8.      Patricians will not upload or download, send or post, enter or publish any content to the internet that is objectionable or illegal under Singapore Law.

9.     Patricians will not upload or download, send or post, enter or publish any content to the internet that is against the public interest, public order, national interest, racial and religious harmony, or which offends good taste or decency, or is otherwise indecent, obscene, pornographic or defamatory.

10.     Patricians will not upload or download, send or post, enter or publish any content to the internet that is confidential, distasteful or prejudicial to the good name of the school.

11.     Patricians will be respectful in all online communication with staff and students and their rights for privacy.

12.     Patricians will be mindful of the need to protect their own privacy.

IV       Proper Usage of Mobile Devices

13.     Mobile phones and electronic devices, including Smart Watches are allowed to be used only before school, during recess and after school (except during remedial, supplementary lessons, CCA activities).

13.1. Mobile phones may only be used (during above mentioned times) at designated areas which are limited to ground floor areas of the school except classrooms / special rooms. Mobile devices are specifically not allowed for use in the school library.

13.2. During curriculum time, it must be kept in school lockers (yearly or day- use rental) and NOT to be found in a Patricians possession (i.e. pocket or school bag) during curriculum time unless permitted by the teacher.

13.3. Patricians know and accept the disciplinary consequences (i.e. confiscated for a maximum of 5 working days) for possession of mobile devices during curriculum time.

V      Cyber-Crime

14.    For reasons of safety and security, a Patrician should not use his mobile or any other technology in a way that is likely to damage the reputation of the school or harass or threaten the well-being of other Patricians and staff that work within the school.

14.1. If inappropriate material is being circulated amongst students, it must be reported to a school staff member immediately.

15.      No recording in any form (audio or video) in school is permitted. Recording is allowed only if the explicit consent of the school and the persons involved is obtained.

16.      If there is suspicion of misuse or for the investigation of any disciplinary case, the school reserves the right to confiscate the electronic device (mobile and sim card) and to view its contents to ensure that the school rules are not contravened.

16.1 Patricians know and accept that cyber-crimes (e.g. fraud, identity thef,scams) or cyber acts that insult the modesty of a person will be subjected to disciplinary action(s) by the school and also be reported to the Singapore Police Force.

VI    Guidelines for Using Computer  Laboratories

17.  The computer laboratories are out of bounds at all times except when students are attending lessons conducted by teachers or personnel authorised by the school. Patricians should assemble quietly and in an orderly manner outside the laboratory while waiting for the teacher to bring them in. As computer laboratories are meant to benefit all Patricians, they must be treated with care and respect.

18.  Failure to adhere to the policy and guidelines above may result in disciplinary action. In serious cases, Patricians may be subjected to disciplinary action(s) in school and / or reported to the Singapore Police Force if their accounts are used for illegal purposes.


1.   The schools Code of Conduct will be reviewed periodically during the academic year. Any updates will be announced to the school and enforced with immediate effect. Changes to the written School Code of Conduct will only be made in subsequent editions of the Students’ Handbook.


One of the key purpose of the schooling experience in St Patricks school is to educate the young men to be responsible and be positive influences in the community. All Patricians should strive to exercise self-management and discernment in their decision- making processes. There will be times when a Patrician is tempted to indulge in errant behaviour, and it is at those precarious moments, when he will really need to consider his actions wisely. Deliberate acts of breaking relationships with the staff and / or students is always met with disappointment from the school. Patricians will need to learn and understand that they will need to face up to the requisite consequences should they exercise poor decision-making skills when they are tempted to commit errors. The consequences faced are meant to help them learn from their past errors, and to help them move forward with a sustainable change in behaviour and decision-making.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of offences, levels of severity and some possible disciplinary and rehabilitative measures.


A.     Minor Offences

 Measures:   Detention   or  Community  Service,   Green  Monitoring  Book, Restoration, Circle Time, Restorative Practices

 1. Late for school / class / lesson four times or less

 2. Improper attire

 3. Littering or spitting - anywhere in the school

 4. Found in "Out-of Bounds" areas

 5. Skipping class

 6. Use and / or possession of mobile phone during curriculum time

 8. Not returning plates / bowls / cups after eating / drinking in the canteen

B.     Major Offences

Measures:   Caning,   Short-Length  Suspension,  Parent-School  Meeting, Yellow Monitoring Book, “Fair” Conduct  Grade

1.   Rudeness and defiance towards authority (e.g. hurling vulgarities at school

staff or disrespecting instructions given)

2.  Use and/or possession of any tobacco-related product including any form of electronic cigarettes

3.  Theft and other acts of dishonesty

4.  Assault with/without injuries

5.  Acts of vandalism (must make good damage done)

6.  Acts of gangsterism

7.   Extortion / intimidation

8.  Acts of bullying (including cyber-bullying)

9.   Cybercrime including unauthorized videoing

10. Committing any act of public nuisance outside of school in uniform (e.g.

Misbehaving at public bus stops and on buses)

11. Cheating at examinations / tests

12. Leaving school / class without permission

13. Persistent absence from school (unauthorized)

14. Persistently late for school (5 times or more per term / 8 times or more per semester)

15. Absence from CCA (two times and above without valid reasons)

16. Repeatedly committed offences listed in part A

C      Second Major Offence

Measures:  Caning,  Mid-Length Suspension, Parent-School Meeting,  Yellow

Monitoring Book, “Fair Conduct Grade, Letter of Undertaking

1. Second occurrence of any major offence listed in part B

2. Repeated acts that damage image of the school

D      Third and more Major Offence / Serious Offence

Measures:   Long-Term    Suspension/Expulsion,  Red   Monitoring  Book,

“Poor” Conduct  Grade

1. Third occurrence or more of any major offence listed in part B

2. Incorrigible and recalcitrant behaviour violating conditions of Letter of Undertaking

3. Breaking the Law resulting in a Police Case and / or Charged for a criminal offence


Patricians who wilfully and repeatedly commits any major offence will be placed on a compulsory intervention programme, failing which, he could be expelled from school. Likewise, a student who displays unrepentant and incorrigible behaviour could also be expelled from school