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Physical Education


Physical Education and Sports Programme

Physical Education (PE) is taught at St Patrick’s School with two main goals in mind. Firstly, PE lessons taught should prepare students for a lifetime of physical activity. Secondly, students should be engaged in enjoyable physical activity and games during PE. It is hoped that these two goals would motivate students to be regular at school and participation in the enjoyable health enhancing PE would result in lifelong benefits that would enable students to remain as active adults throughout their lives. This two goal concept is implemented on three fronts at St Patrick’s School.

On the first front, PE taught is designed to develop the strength, fitness & stamina and outdoor skills needed for the boys to prepare themselves for National Service.

On the second front, a minimum of six identified invasion, net/wall sports and striking/fielding games skills (two sports per year) are taught so that the boys can pursue their lifelong involvement in sports and games of their choice so as to support the healthy lifestyle programme championed by the Nation.

On the third and final front, through the teaching of PE, students are also introduced to soft skills and values education necessary in developing in them good character and citizenry. The school values such as Faith, Service, Community, Honesty, Humility and Humanity are imbibed in them over the four years over and above the soft skills such as discipline, resilience, teamwork, confidence, respect and compassion. All these skills are important components taught in St Patrick’s School as part of the integral building block in a holistic education system. By the time the students graduate after completing four long years of walking through the halls and corridors of the School, they are expected to be players who are competent, literate and enthusiastic sportspersons. Graduating students with sporting talents acquired during the four years of education at St Patrick’s can be easily groomed to be successful in their future careers as they would have developed in them the tenacity and will to succeed “Potest Qui Vult”


Other Innovative Programme

Authentic Learning

During the course of their study of four years, students will get to play multiple roles as team managers, coaches, captains, players, referees, etc. to mimic a professional sports organisation and they get to conduct games and competitions within the School to gain real life experiences in terms of a sports season. These would include culminating events such as awards ceremonies and sports festivities such as sports carnivals and cross-country meets. These Sports Leaders are part of the school student leadership team and are headed by Mr Seow Jian Ting.


Applied Learning Programme

Secondary 1 and 2 students are put through the Applied Learning Program lessons on Sports and Health Science. Students are exposed to cutting edge technology used in the Sports Science fraternity and are equipped with knowledge to increase their sporting performance and enhance their health.  Students also get to attend Learning Journeys at Republic and Nanyang Polytechnic, learning more about the sports and health sciences courses being held there. These include Sports Taping and Fuel for Athletes and are useful in enhancing performance in their field. Secondary 3 students participate in the National Steps Challenge organised by HPB over a 2 month period. With all the knowledge and skills acquired from the lower secondary lessons, pupils attempt to take charge of their own health by clocking the recommended 10000 steps a day by HPB and stay active for at least 150 minutes a week. Secondary 3 students, interested in the field of Sports Science also attend 40 hours of Advanced Elective Modules in Singapore Polytechnic to fuel their interest.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education (OE) experiences to be carried out during PE lessons in the School campus targets students in the lower secondary cohorts to build confidence and resilience through outdoor rugged living. Through this exposure, experience and interaction opportunities, these students will be expected to experience and appreciate community diversity and forge camaraderie through facing common challenging situations and experiences thereby building strong foundations for active and healthy living.

In tandem with the OE programme for the lower secondary cohorts, with effect from this year onwards, the Sec 3 students will be experiencing their Multi-School Secondary Three Cohort Camp at the Singapore Outward Bound School (OBS) at Pulau Ubin. This is a new initiative by the MOE and it moves away from the usual annual overseas camp. This Camp will be compulsory for all Secondary 3 students and through participation in this Camp, the Sec 3 students will learn to be resilient and to value diversity through being a confident and concerned citizen. At the end of this 5-day annual camp at the OBS, it is hoped that the Sec 3 students would be able to deal with challenges and adversities by making the right choices to influence their circumstances and overcoming their self-limiting thoughts. Through their interaction with peers from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds, it is hoped that strong bonds of friendship would be built thereby paving the way to achieving team goals in an inclusive manner. More importantly, the students will leave the camp with the awareness and need to play active roles in improving the needs of the community and the environment.

The lower secondary cohorts would also have their OEs and annual camps and these would serve as the building blocks for the final assault on the Sec 3 Cohort Camp.


Football League

The St Patrick’s Football League is a platform for class bonding among Patricians. It is an interclass league and is played in Term 2 and 3 for Sec 2s and 3s and Term 1 for Sec 4s. Students take the initiative to train and manage their players within the class and friendly rivalry between the classes enable the class to unite and forge bonds with their classmates through sports.


Interclass Games

The Interclass Games take place at the end of Term 4 where Sec 1 to 3 classes play a mini competition on the games they were taught during PE lessons for the year. The Sec 1s, 2s and 3s play Soccer, Softball and Volleyball respectively. The class is divided into a beginners, intermediate and advance group and they will play with the respective groups of other classes. This is to encourage students who are of different skill levels to enjoy the game with peers who are of the same standard.