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The Mother Tongue Department aims to instill in our Patricians the passion for their respective MT languages and culture. We envisage them to be confident communicator of their MT and to achieve a deeper appreciation of their culture, history and values.

MTL Fortnight

Focusing on the authentic usage of Mother Tongue (MT) Languages, this year’s Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight provided our students a variety of cultural and literary activities.

We have split the fortnight into one week of activities in Term 1 and Term 3, to provide our students with more opportunities to participate in different programs. The Chinese students were given the choice of selecting from a wide range of activities, such as appreciation of Chinese pop songs, playing Chinese-based board games, visit to the Tea-Chapter, learning to play the ocarina, and learning idioms through comics. In addition, a selected group of students were given the opportunity to participate in a video making session outside school while another group enjoyed a day of “Amazing Race” at the Fort Canning.

Our Malay students had the opportunity to try their hands on traditional games. They played Congkak, Chapteh, Batu Seremban (5 stones) and Gasing (spin the top). Sec 1 students were exposed to Zapin dance meanwhile our Sec 2 students learnt about the history and the preparation process of Nasi Ambeng (a Malay traditional food), besides experiencing the togetherness of eating Nasi Ambeng from the same tray with their friends.  Sec 3 students visited the Malay Heritage Centre where they learnt about the roots, identity and culture of the Malays. Our Sec 4/5 students experienced kampung life at Kampung Buangkok, the very last surviving kampung in this modern metropolitan city of Singapore.

Our TL students participated in various activities such as literary competitions, mobile app creation workshop, Tamil traditional cultural activities like stone drawing and cloth painting. Secondary 1 and 2 students were given the opportunity to explore the importance of the language through a learning journey to the Indian Heritage Centre. They learnt the significance and value of the arts, literature and various customs. The cluster level camp is another programme that was designed to help students learn Tamil in a more interesting and engaging way. Mr Arjunan conducted a Solli Adi workshop whereby students expand their Tamil vocabulary with the use of an app.  

The second week of the MTLF was arranged to coincide with the Racial Harmony week in July. A fun-fair was set up during recess where exhibits of different traditional arts and games along with stores selling favourite traditional food were set up.

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We would like to congratulate these boys who had done well by taking part in various cluster and national-level competitions.     


  • Muarrif Ashikiin (32), Shameer Guna (32), Danish Muhaimin (32) won consolation prizes for Peraduan Terjemahan (Translation Competition).
  • Rinaldi Elfiq (4A), Hadi Nursalihin (4B) and Tafiqul Hakim (4D) won consolation prizes for Sahibba (Scrabble) competition
  • Sai Madhav (1A) won the 3rd prize in the cluster level Singing Competition
  • Hariharan (1D) won the 2nd prize in the cluster level TL Oratorical competition
  • Karthikha Vehlan (2D) was selected as a winner for the Buddy writer at National levels
  • Hariesh (3E), Nikelash (3E), Fareed (3F) and Dhireyn (3F) won the 3rd prize of the Short film making competition in the national level
  • Dhireyn (3F) won the 2nd Prize in the cluster level writing competition.
As part of the teachers’ professional development, Mr Arjunan and Mr Rajesh shared on the use of iMTL portal in November at a Tamil Teacher’s Conference for the professional development of other fellow teachers.  


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      MT Awards - The Arif Budiman Student's Award, Hua Wen Zhi Xin & Bharathiyar Award

The above mentioned awards are given to students who excel in their Mother Tongue. In addition, these students have shown a passion for their Mother Tongue, are exemplary in character and possessed the ability to inspire and motivate others to better themselves in the language. A “Most Improved Award” has also been included this year to affirm students who do not have good foundation in their Mother Tongue but had displayed our school value of “Potest Qui Vult” by making tremendous effort to do well in their Mother Tongue in their past few years in our school. 

For the “Most Improved Award” we have the following students:

Chinese Language: Ayden John De Rozario (33) and William Rachmadi (3E)          

Malay Language:  Jami’ Rakyan Dharmawan B. Abdullah (41)                    

Tamil Language: Aditya Jude Keloth (3A) and Muhammadh Shahriyyah Khan (4E)

Well done boys!

National Creative Chinese Reading Competition 2016

At the 2016 National Creative Chinese Reading competition organised by Popular bookstore, our team comprising Kenji Ng Chen Yi (3C), Fredrick Quek Wei Quan (3C) and Yeo Ding Qin (2DR) won 2nd place. 

It was indeed a very close and challenging competition in their finals during BookFest @ Singapore 2016. Their performance gave the public a good impression but their final scores revealed they were 1 point away from Nanyang Girls, thus being the runner-up. Nevertheless the trio demonstrated resilience and did not allow themselves to be intimidated by others. 

We affirmed them for their achievement and continue to encourage more students to manifest the POTEST QUI VULT spirit!

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