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The Mathematics Department aims to inculcate in our students positive attitudes towards the learning of Mathematics and to develop their mathematical skills and knowledge to the fullest extent.


Driven by this aim, the department relentlessly strive to provide opportunities and platforms to promote a culture of continuous improvement and learning among Mathematics teachers and students. We share innovative teaching ideas and resources, and collaborate to explore new teaching strategies through Professional Learning Circles (PLCs).

Teachers provide quality learning experiences in the class to make learning meaningful and enjoyable. ICT is used in lessons to enhance students’ learning and to engage them in the classroom. Flipped classroom concept is employed to encourage students to be independent learners. Mathematical Modelling tasks are set for students to develop their critical thinking skills and to enhance their mathematical reasoning and communication skills.

Varied strategies for Assessment for Learning (AFL) are used during lessons to give feedback to both teachers and students on the students’ learning. Some of the examples of AFL strategies include Stop-Checks, Peer Marking and Talk Moves.

Students explore Mathematics beyond the confines of the textbooks through experiential learning. Programmes like Mathematics Trail for Sec One students and Algebra Camp for Sec Two and Sec Three students are organised to allow students to learn Mathematics in a fun and enjoyable way. Through these activities, students see the applications of Mathematics in real life and appreciate the learning of Mathematics.

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