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St Patrick’s School English Language and Literature Department is guided by our mission to develop Patricians into readers, writers and critical thinkers. This vision aligns with the 21st Century Competencies that are very important for all Singaporeans. We want to nurture Patricians who read widely, write coherently and think critically. In that light, we have put in place many programmes that will help nurture Patricians to thrive in the future.

1.    Reading Programme
“The more you read, the more you’ll know, the more you’ll learn and the more places you’ll go!” – Dr Seuss

As the nation embarks on a huge push to inculcate the reading habit, the EL department too is doing its part by engaging the students with the written word. Every morning before assembly, Patricians are encouraged to read either News or books they have bought or borrowed. A mobile library is set up daily should students need new books.  Other programmes include tie-ups with the NLB and book clubs to pique students’ interest. 

 2.    Assessment Literacy
The department has embarked on Assessment for Learning in line with the school’s drive to nurture self-direct learners. Rubrics are used for both EL and Literature to help students improve their mastery of the subjects. A big part of the daily assignments is targeted at helping Patricians hone their skills in the learning of the language and in essay writing for Literature. 

3.    Enrichment activities
Patricians can look forward to competitions and enrichment activities in schools, cluster or at national levels to engage in. These meaningful activities held yearly are fun-filled and give an opportunity to all students to use English in real life.

4.    Literature Activities
Annually, selected Literature students from Secondary 1 to 4 take part in the National Schools’ Literature Festival.  Workshops, the National Literature Festivals, attendance at plays and poetry reading sessions are events that Literature students can look forward to. 

We believe every Patrician will benefit in some way or another from the plethora of English Language and Literature initiatives and programmes.  As a department, we look forward to developing our students into ever-more confident and skilful users, as well as advocates of the English language.