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STEM Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

‘To be future-ready in shaping the digital world'

Department Highlights

St. Patrick’s School STEM ALP exposes students to various fields in technology, giving them the opportunity to identify their aptitudes and interests, acquire knowledge and skills and unlock new pathways for their educational and career choices.

Our fully furbished Innovation Hub provides students with the space for exploration and innovation.

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Department Events and Achievements

E-sports Tournament Management Workshop
In a workshop conducted by the Singapore's Cybersports & Online Gaming Association© (SCOGA), students learnt what goes on behind e-sports events and the essential roles that support the success of the event. Students also had the opportunity to further gain experience through managing an e-sports tournament in April. 

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Unity Game Design Workshop 2021
This was a student-initiated workshop to share knowledge with their peers on creating a first -person perspective game using Unity® software. At the end of the workshop, students created their own games embedded with elements to promote awareness on issues such as being socially responsible during the pandemic.
Computational Thinking Interest Group
This interest group is an initiative involving students with passion and aptitude in pursuing computational thinking. Various platforms are provided for them to apply their knowledge about technology, with some of these technologies benefitting other students and even public community at large. 

A group of students from this interest group took part in the DrCT 2021, which is a computational thinking challenge where students solve tasks reviewed by the National Olympiad of Informatics (NOI). They performed well and received the following accolade: 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze and 3 Honourable Mentions. Some of these students went on to participate in the NOI.

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