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Music Lifelong-Learning Programme (LLP)

‘Every Patrician, a lover of music’


Department Highlights

St. Patrick’s School LLP in Music & Music Technology encompasses the following:

  • Music appreciation of various genres
  • Music composition and performing
  • Music technology and recording

The school’s Life-Long Learning Programme aims to expose every Patrician to different genres of music, so as to ignite a passion in music making regardless of age or background. We also strive to provide every child the opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation of music so that they may become an active contributor in music in the future.

Tier 1

For All Students

Experience & Exposure

All Patricians are given opportunities to experience the arts as audience and participants through the formal music curriculum 

Tier 2

Students with Interests & Abilities


All Patricians are given opportunities to develop their interests and abilities and take ownership of their arts learning by initiating and completing arts projects through VPA CCAs and/or interest groups

Tier 2+

Students with High Interests & Abilities


Deepen their engagement of and develop mastery in chosen areas

Department Events and Achievements

Lower Secondary Music Curriculum 
The school’s LLP in Music & Music Technology seek to provide all students the opportunity to learn instrumental skills, perform and create music using Music Technology and ICT Skills within the formal music curriculum. 

1. Ukulele Programme 
Students will learn the basics of how to play the ukulele, after which they would be engaged in group collaboration and mini performances. Using their new found skills, students are encouraged to perform music covers at the end of the programme.

2. Keyboard Programme 
Students will learn the basics of the keyboard in a contemporary pop style i.e. melody and chords using both hands in this module. Using the skills learnt, students will perform a section of a pop song using both hands for their assessment.

3. Creating Music with Music Technology & ICT Tools
Students will be introduced to Music Technology tools and software to create music arrangements, emotive or action music cues. 

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Music Exposure & Engagement Programmes

1. Sec 1 Music Enrichment Programme 
All Secondary One students will take part in this programme during their Orientation week. It exposes them to music from the Military Band and Guitar Ensemble. Anchored by students from the VPA CCAs, it allows Secondary One students to be exposed to music performances from Military Band and Guitar Ensemble, followed by experimenting and trying out of the various instruments provided through hands-on instrument stations. 

2. SPS Rock Band Interest Group
The SPS Rock Band Interest Group is an initiative that involves students who have interest and passion for performing in a Pop and Rock Band setting beyond the formal music curriculum. Through weekly guided jamming sessions by the Aesthetics Committee, these students are given the time and space at the school’s recording studio to practice and master their instrumental techniques in an ensemble setting.

3. St. Patrick’s Got Talent
St. Patrick’s Got Talent is an annual platform for Patricians to participate and showcase their talent. Click on the following YouTube links to watch this year’s SPS Got Talent’s submissions:

4. Lunchtime Showcase 
On top of performing at major school events, at the end of every semester, the Aesthetics Committee will organize a performance platform to allow students to showcase their musical talents, gain confidence and take pride in their work and musical ability. 

5. Video Links
For more details on our LLP in Music and Music Technology, click on the following link to watch our video: https://go.gov.sg/sps-musicllpvideo 

Click on this link to watch our SPS NDP 2021 Original Song, “A Thousand Voices” written and performed by SPS Staff: https://go.gov.sg/spsndp2021-athousandvoices