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IN3guing Science – Inquire · Inspire · Innovate


Department's core beliefs

  • Building a positive learning culture to develop students into competent and confident 21st century learners 
  • Use of technology to support students in understanding scientific ideas and organizing knowledge
  • Leveraging on real-world problems for conceptual change in a student-centric classroom 

About Department

The department aims to create an engaging and conducive learning environment that develops students into 21st century learners who are scientifically literate. 

Through our differentiated approach, we hope to nurture students who

  • enjoy learning Science and regard Science as relevant and meaningful 

  • have a strong foundation in Science and possess the spirit of scientific inquiry 

  • apply and experience the potential of Science to generate creative solution to solve real-world problems 

Technology and hands-on experiences are leveraged to 

  • engage and harness students’ preconceptions for conceptual change 

  • provide students with task environments that represent and simulate the real-world problems, situations, and contexts 

  • design tasks to connect, challenge, deepen and extend students’ thinking. 

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Department Events and Achievements

International C. B. Paul Science Quiz

The International C.B. Paul Science Quiz aims to provide a platform for students to develop their aptitude and potential in the pure and applied Sciences through critical thinking. There are 2 categories for the Quiz, the Lower Secondary and the Upper Secondary category. 

The school sends students for this Quiz annually. They performed well, receiving the following accolades over the years:

2017: 1 Gold and 4 Bronze awards

2018: 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Merit awards

2019: 1 Bronze, 3 Honourable Mentions and 3 Merit awards

2021: 2 Gold, 6 Bronze, 6 Honourable Mentions and 5 Merit awards

2022: 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze, 7 Merit awards

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National STEM Championship (April to Sep 2022)

Previously known as the National Science Challenge (NSC), the National STEM Championship has adopted similar objectives and improved its relevance to better align with research, innovation and enterprise incorporating elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our team comprising of Alief Ahmad (3P), Chan Kwon Ray John (3I), Teo Cheng Feng Elden (3I) and Jayden Khoo Wei Sheng (3E) took part in the competition and did exceptionally well in Qualifying Round 1 (written test) and Round 2 (mystery box challenge) to be one of the top 26 teams that made it to the Quarter-Finals of NSC 2022!  The Quarter-Finals were held on 27 June 2022 at Science Centre Singapore. 

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This competition is organised by Infineon and presents a defined theme annually. Students participated in a design thinking workshop and learnt more about semiconductors and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They then work in teams to generate novel ideas to improve lives and present their suggestions to a panel of leaders from Infineon.


In 2021, our school emerged as runners-up for their AI driven idea to design a Sweat Health Monitor that can detect and provide user health information through monitoring biochemical operations.


In 2022, our students again impressed the judges with their novel idea of preserving marine biodiversity using ECO, an Artificial Intelligence self-sustainable cleaning robot and emerged as winner for Best Presentation. 

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VJC Amazing Eco-STEM Race 2022

2022 Amazing Eco-STEM Race is organized by the East Zone Science & Technology Centre @ VJC as part of the center’s effort to inspire and create greater interest in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math during its STEM Festival.

Teams of upper secondary science students put their STEM knowledge and analytical skills to the test in this race against time. They were then scored based on the accuracy with which they completed the tasks assigned.

St. Patrick’s School clinched both first and second place in this competition. 

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Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

The Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad is a competition for secondary school students and is aimed at encouraging the study and appreciation of physics beyond the school curriculum.

This annual competition provides opportunities for students to solve Physics problems that require critical and inventive thinking.

In the 2022 Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad, our school achieved 7 individual Honorable Mentions, 1 individual Bronze award and 1 team Bronze award.

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