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IN3guing Science – Inquire · Inspire · Innovate


Department Highlights

The Science Department aims to enthuse and nurture all students to be scientifically literate. We hope to provide a strong foundation in scientific innovation that will inspire students to pursue STEM for future learning.

Inquiry continues to be a key experience in Science education. The department encourages our students to use scientific inquiry in coming up with innovative solutions for their everyday lives. To do this, as many students are possible are given platforms to apply their scientific knowledge in authentic settings.

Department Events and Achievements

1. Chips@Schools 2021
This competition is organised by Infineon according to the defined theme: "A.I connecting the world". Students participated in a design thinking workshop and learnt more about semiconductors and artificial intelligence. Teams of students are then required generate novel ideas to help improve lives and present to a panel of leaders from Infineon.

A team from St. Patrick’s School applied their scientific knowledge and innovative thinking. They emerged second place for their idea to design a Sweat Health Monitor that is able to detect and provide user health information through biochemical operations based on artificial intelligence. 

Sci 1.png

2. Mindfest
Mindfest is organised by the Singapore Science Centre. Our Secondary Two Normal (Academic) students experience a day of putting technology and science together in applications related to their daily lives. This encourages the exploration of science, arts and technology through creative, immersive and enjoyable tinkering activities. It also helps students to understand the fundamentals of energy and its importance.

Mindfest 1.jpg Mindfest 3.jpg

  1. Bright Ideas Challenge
This prestigious inter-school competition challenged students to imagine how cities will look like in 2050, identify key energy challenges in the future and articulate their visions by presenting innovative solutions that would help make future cities a vibrant, healthy and clean place to live in.

In 2017, the team from St Patrick’s School won second place for their idea of layering roads and floors with piezo material as a means of renewable energy, by converting the pressure generated from road transport into electrical energy that can be used for lighting up the lampposts on the streets at night.

Bright Idea 1.jpg Bright Idea 2.jpg

In 2018, the team from St Patrick’s School emerged third for their idea to design a 3-in-1 sustainable HDB building using renewable resources (water, sunlight and wind) to generate enough energy and clean drinking water for the household.

Sci 2.jpg

4. International C.B. Paul Science Quiz
The International C.B. Paul Science Quiz aims to provide a platform for students to develop their aptitude and potential in the pure and applied Sciences through critical thinking. There are 2 categories for the Quiz, the Lower Secondary and the Upper Secondary category. 

The school sends students for this Quiz annually. They performed well, receiving the following accolades over the years:

  • 2017: 1 Gold and 4 Bronze awards
  • 2018: 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Merit awards
  • 2019: 1 Bronze, 3 Honourable Mentions and 3 Merit awards
  • 2021: 2 Gold, 6 Bronze, 6 Honourable Mentions and 5 Merit awards

C.B. Paul 1.jpg C.B. Paul 2.jpg C.B. Paul 3.jpg

5. MOE ExCEL Fest 2017
Our project for the Shell STEM Youth Innovation Challenge 2015, ‘NightDryer: A Solar-Heated Novel Alternative to Conventional Clothes Dryer’, which was one of the 4 top winners, was showcased during ExCEL Fest 2017. The SPS team comprised of students from all streams who journeyed together for seven months, applying their academic knowledge to eventually create the ‘NightDryer’ prototype. The experience not only sparked their interest in STEM but also enhanced their self-confidence and self-esteem. The students acquired skills in project management, problem solving and presentation.

During the ExCEL Fest, our school displayed the prototype, which is a system to harvest solar energy for households to dry clothes at night. For two days, our student representatives were able to engage our guests who included the Minister of Education and the Parliamentary Secretary of Education. They shared their project and how they have benefited from the experience.

MOE Excel Fest 1.jpg MOE Excel Fest 2.jpg MOE Excel Fest 3.jpg