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Physical Education

‘Education of, about and through the physical!’


PE Curriculum

The PE department envisions pupils who are motivated, displays confidence, are physically competent with the knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.

Games such as football, badminton, softball, floorball, and volleyball are taught over a 4-year period. Outdoor Education in PE help pupils understand more about the environment as they learn to navigate, live outdoors, assess risks and make decisions regarding their own safety. They also learn to connect with and care for the community through their interactions with their environment. Pupils from Sec 1 to 3 also get to take part in at least one intra-school competition such as soccer, volleyball and softball to enrich the pupils’ experience in playing sports and to sustain their interest in such recreational activities beyond school.


Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education Programme consists of lessons during Physical Education periods and application of those lessons during their level camps. The Secondary 1 pupils will go for their 4 days 3 nights Outdoor Adventure Camp at Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Centre, the Secondary 2 pupils will undertake a 1 star proficiency in Kayaking skills and the Secondary 3 pupils will attend the Multi- School Outward Bound School programme for 5 days 4 nights. Apart from the usual adventure itinerary like trekking and high elements, the pupils focussed on application of skills learnt in the Outdoor Education syllabus like map reading, tent pitching and outdoor cooking. Together with 3 other schools, our Sec 3 pupils will experience camp life and reinforce their outdoor education skills with pupils from different social backgrounds, gender and abilities.

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