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Physical Education

To develop students to demonstrate both individually and others the physical, affective, and cognitive skills to enjoy a lifetime of active and healthy living.


Department's core beliefs

  • Using boy-centric teaching strategies to stretch our students’ potential. 
  • Develop Patricians into healthy, rugged, and resilient individuals with values of excellence, friendship and respect.
  • Pursue physical activities beyond their school years and engage in active and healthy living   

About Department

The PE department envisions students who are motivated, displays confidence, are physically competent with the knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. 

Games such as football, badminton, softball, floorball, and volleyball are taught over a 4-year period. 

As a cohort, our Secondary 1 students also undergo Taekwondo training to instill group discipline while the Secondary 2 students undergo a Wushu Dance program to enhance their rhythmic and group coordination. 

Outdoor Education in PE help students understand more about the environment as they learn to navigate and live outdoors, assess risks, and make decisions regarding their own safety. They are also taught to connect with and care for the community through their interactions with the environment. 

Students from Secondary 1 to 3 also participate in at least 1 camp per year to apply their learning in authentic, outdoor experiences while forging a bond with their class and level mates. Each year, Secondary 1 students participate in a bicycle expedition, whilst Secondary 2 students undertake a 1-star Kayaking course. Similarly, our Secondary 3 students embark on the OBS challenge which serves as the apex of their outdoor education and experience. All pupils also take part in the Endurance Walk in Semester 1 where they will walk a distance of at least 10 km together with their classmates. 


Key Events / Achievements

Sec 1 Camp

Sec 2 Camp

OBS Challenge

Endurance Walk

Interclass Games

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