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Mother Tongue

‘Helping Patricians to appreciate the joys of learning their Mother Tongue and using it as a gateway to uncovering the beauty of their culture’


Department Highlights

The Mother Tongue Department has a range of programmes to support Patricians in learning their Mother Tongue. The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight comprises of a variety of in-house workshops, as well as external cultural learning journeys. Enrichment programme for our lower Secondary students are filled with fun-filled activities for students to learn through non-conventional ways, such as charades, song appreciation, board games, and video recording session. Our students are also encouraged to participate in external events, such as the Xinyao Singing and Song Writing Competition, Text Recital Competition, Radio Drama Script Writing Competition, to provide opportunities for them to uncover their talents in various fields.

Department Events and Achievements

  1. Learning journeys
A walk down memory lane at Chinatown Heritage Centre

Tea 1.jpeg
Practicing the Art of Tea Appreciation at the Tea Chapter

Asian Civilisation Museum

THKTemple 3.jpg
Uncovering stories behind the relics at Thian Hock Keng Temple

Kampung Buangkok.jpg
Reliving the good old kampung days and making ondeh-ondeh!

Trip to Little India.JPEG
Trip down to Little India – Learning the names of vegetables

Dikir Barat Workshop.jpg
Dikir Barat Workshop – Learning the ‘tepuk sepuluh’ and playing the percussion

Drama workshop Leftenen Adnan.jpg
Drama workshop - Students reenacted wartime scenes of the heroic feats of Lieutenant Adnan Saidi and the Malay Regiment’s 1st Battalion during World War II.

Kabaadi 2.JPEG
Indian Traditional Games Workshop – Learning how to play Kaabadi and Adu Puli Aattam

  1. Competitions
2019 Xinyao_semi finals_Bryan Aw.png
Xinyao Singing Competition and Xinyao Song Writing Competition

MT 1.jpg
National Text Recital Competition