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Mother Tongue

Develop confident speakers and learners who appreciate their culture and find purpose and relevance in their Mother Tongue.


Department's core beliefs

St Patrick’s School Mother Tongue Department envisions helping Patricians seek out the joys of learning their Mother Tongue, uncover the beauty of their culture, and to develop them to be active communicators and keen appreciators of their own culture.

About Department

Student-centric based structure, learning-processes and resources are our main focuses in developing Patricians’ aptitude in their Mother Tongue.    

Students who display flair in the language are regularly given opportunities to develop their potential via enrichment classes and exposure to external competitions. 

Likewise, students who require additional support are provided with customized learning resources, focused learning strategies and a collaborative learning environment to help them enjoy the learning process. 

In addition, activities such as the Mother Tongue Language Fortnight experience, learning camps and cultural festival-based activities are carefully curated and provide a culturally rich learning experience for our students.  

Department Events

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Carnival 

Through a wide array of authentic activities, students were provided with an immersive environment that enabled them to learn, use and appreciate their MT language and culture. The hands-on activities also gave students the freedom to learn about other cultures.

MT01 2022.png

St. Patrick's School's Hari Raya Music Video

St. Patrick’s first-ever original Hari Raya song, ‘I Can’t Wait To See You This Raya’ was a heart-warming, collaborative effort between the Mother Tongue department, the Aesthetics committee as well as Mr. Amin, the school's 'Pathfinder' for the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) in Music & Music Technology. 

MT02 2022.png

Department Achievements

Young Reporter News Challenge 2022

Awards: Outstanding News Video 

  1. Ryan Chin (3-E)

  2. Kong Junhao (3-T)

  3. Nigel Lim (3-T)

Their news on our school's E-sports room stood out from more than 200 videos submitted by close to 60 secondary schools.

5th Secondary Schools and Primary School Text Recital Competition (2022) – Team Division

Bronze award : 

  1. Aaron Tan Yong Hao (1-L) and 

Gabriel Lee Shi Jie (1-L)

  1. Joshua Cheah Sheng Yu (2-E) and 

Ryan Nicholas Tan (2-E) 

Budding Writers, Budding Artistes & Budding Poets Competition in the `Naanum Oru Padaippaali Programme 2022


  1. Vijayandran Deepshan (1-I)

  2. Srinivasan Ramanathan (3-T)