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‘To inculcate in our students a positive attitude towards the learning of Mathematics and to fully develop their mathematical skills and knowledge.’


Department's core Beliefs

  • Using boy-centric teaching strategies to stretch our students’ potential. 

  • Bringing real-world connections into the classroom through a hands-on learning experience.

About Department

The Mathematics Department provides students with learning experiences that allow them to apply mathematical concepts and skills to solve contextual problems.

Great emphasis is placed on mathematical processes and reasoning, while engaging students using different pedagogies to make learning fun and interesting. 

For example, mathematical concepts are reinforced through meaningful and deliberate teaching and learning strategies such as the Visible Thinking Routines which allow students to articulate their thinking and learning. 

Students are also given exposure to Mathematical Modelling (MM) Tasks that models the real world and provides students with the opportunity to apply mathematical concepts to authentic, real-world scenarios. 

Likewise, Inquiry Based Learning in the classroom creates opportunities for investigation and exploration and allows students to discuss and share ideas. This helps to develop their critical thinking skills and enhances their communication skills. 

ICT is also widely used in class to engage the students and enhance their learning while the flipped classroom approach encourages the students to be self-directed learners.