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To develop gentlemen who see the relevance of an education in the Humanities and are responsible and active citizens of Singapore and the world.


Department's core beliefs

  • Using boy-centric teaching strategies to stretch our students’ potential. 

  • Bringing real-world connections into the classroom through an authentic learning experience.

  • Leveraging a balanced approach to curriculum using High Impact Teaching and Learning Strategies.  

About Department

The Humanities Curriculum inculcates in students a deeper understanding of the values that define the Singapore society as well as the global world.  

The Humanities Department leverages the Humanities Inquiry Approach to teach the Humanities Curriculum.  There are four pedagogical elements that underlie the practice of inquiry-based learning in the classroom.  These stages are Sparking Curiosity, Gathering Data, Exercising Reasoning and Reflective Thinking. 

The Inquiry Approach develops skills and values that cannot be wholly assessed through conventional pen and paper assessment modes. The outcomes of the approach are measured through students’ engagement and participation in learning activities.  

As a performance task, the Geographical, Historical and Issues Investigations provide a platform for students to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values needed in the real world.  Through their investigations, students learn to question unexamined assumptions and develop the ability of perspective-taking to arrive at informed conclusions.  

The investigations also provide students with the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the 21st Century Competencies of becoming informed, concerned and participative citizens. 

ELL 2.jpg
Fieldwork@East Coast Beach and Fieldwork@ Chinatown
*(photographs were taken during pre-covid times)

Department Events and Achievements

Participant - Zerowaste SG (1st Runner-up)

With the Green Plan Pillar of Sustainability Living in mind, the team aimed to reduce plastic waste around the school. The students targeted the perennial problem and proposed the replacement of disposable cups in the canteen with reusable cups. They presented their idea to different stakeholders including their peers, drink stall owners and our Vice-Principal, Ms Ng, who were convinced to support them in the execution of the idea. 

Humanities 2022.jpg

Participant - History Challenge organised by MOE (pending results)