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English & Literature

‘Nurturing Patricians to be Effective Communicators’


Department Highlights

The English Language and Literature department is dedicated to ensuring our students are able to read widely, think critically and communicate effectively in all mediums. Our multi-faceted approach towards language learning focuses on student choice, digital literacy and authentic learning. As a department, we are passionate in nurturing all Patricians to appreciate the value of the written and spoken word.

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Department Events and Achievements

  1. SPS Reads!
    In Lower Secondary, we aim to instill a habit of extensive reading in our students. Patricians have weekly Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) sessions that are capped off with energetic peer sharing and recommendations of books. Secondary 1 Patricians also go through a library orientation. In Upper Secondary, our programme aims to encourage students to remain well-versed in Current Affairs. Regular teacher-led and peer-led sharing in class as well as Current Affairs quizzes spark our students’ interest in reading more widely about events that are affecting the world around us.

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  1. SPS Speaks!
    Patricians go through a structured programme that aims to develop them into confident and eloquent speakers. In Lower Secondary, they immerse themselves in story-telling and giving speeches. In Upper Secondary, the department focuses not just on preparing students for the national oral exam but also for the interviews many of them go through as they apply for post-secondary institutions.

  1. Theatre Visits
    The department has adopted local books ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed’, by Haresh Sharma, and ‘Hook and Eye’, a compilation of local stories, for our Lower Secondary students. As such, Lower Secondary students are given the opportunity of attending the on-stage adaptation of these books. The unit also conscientiously uses these opportunities to teach them audience and theatre etiquette – important skills for the refined Patrician gentlemen they eventually grow into!

  1. Competitions and other External Events
    Talented students in both English and Literature are given stretch opportunities to further develop themselves. Our school regularly sends students to participate in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship, the Queens Commonwealth Essay Writing competition and the YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards, among many others. We also participate in the annual National Schools Literature Festival.