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Craft & Technology

‘Thinking with a Purpose to Transform Lives for the Better’


Department Highlights

Design & Technology offers opportunities for students to develop creative and critical thinking skills through the design process. Basic design knowledge (design elements and design principles), basic technology (structures, mechanisms, electronics), sketching and 3-Dimensional Manipulation using mock-ups and working with resistant materials, form the basic characteristics of learning in D&T.

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The teaching of Nutrition & Food Science includes Food Studies and Consumer Studies.  Food Studies equip students with knowledge about diet and health and the benefits of a balanced meal. Consumer Studies prepares students to make sound food choices. Using the knowledge learnt, students will be given opportunities to extend their learning as they undertake projects from Secondary One to Three. 

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Students consolidating their learning about diet and health and the benefits of balanced meals.

Students with their final products based on the choices they made for their Applied Module.

FCE 2.jpg
Video submission of John Decruz Francis & Alief Ahmad, 2 Patrick
Finalists for Sec 1 & 2 Category Keat Hong CC WEC Sandwich Making Competition 2021

Lower secondary Art students explore 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art forms through appreciating well-known artworks, using digital apps for stop-motion animation videos, learning basic photography and exploring dry and wet media like acrylic and colour pencil rendering.  They also understand and learn art and design principles to create authentic art tasks. Students also reflect on their progress in activities in order to improve their quality of outcome.


Department Events and Achievements

Learning Journey:
Two teams of Secondary Three students took part in the annual Toy Design Competition organised by School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at the Singapore Polytechnic.
They were awarded with merit and commendation award.

Sec 4/5 students attended the D&T Pupil Seminar organized by the DT Unit/Curriculum Planning and Development Division/MOE and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The highlight for the seminar was a team of three young designers who talked about how they make design work, as well as exhibits by NP School of Engineering.

Three groups of secondary two FCE students participated in hands-on kitchen workshop organised by Science Centre Singapore between March and April 2018. The students were exposed to food science and various culinary skills in an inspiring learning environment aimed at expanding their interest in Food and Consumer Education.

A learning journey to a polytechnic exhibition was organised for the Secondary Three D&T students with the aim of generating deeper understanding of design and engineering disciplines.

Benjamin Khalil Adam & Gan Ga-Lan from 3F won 2nd runner-up for iChef 2017 organised by Republic Polytechnic. This competition is a platform created by the School of Hospitality of Republic Polytechnic to promote interest and unleash creativity and potential in the areas of food & beverage and culinary. They were one of the three teams of students who represented St Patrick’s School in the competition, which had over 200 teams from different secondary schools in Singapore.

Three teams of Secondary Two and Three students took part in the annual Toy Design Competition organised by School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at the Singapore Polytechnic. 
Three teams which comprised of Secondary Three students took part in the annual iChef Competition organized by the Republic Polytechnic. One team emerged as one of the Top 10 this year.