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A cordial welcome to the Patrician Parent! It is an incredible pleasure to have you all onboard.

In the past two years, as we all know, the pandemic has weighed on us extremely. Further, safe management measures have distinctly affected the ability and potential of PSGs to provide opportunities for parents to participate and engage in school activities.

During the same time period, the school has made some updates to their provision of a contemporary educational experience. One visible instance is the update of the school uniform.

To be as equally relevant and contemporary, The Patrician Parent has begun the process of updating ourselves to keep in alignment to the school’s Vision, Mission, Motto and Values.

The structure of the EXCO has been revamped and we have identified 4 domains where we can collaborate and support the school in the Lasallian tradition of Touching Hearts, Engaging Minds and Transforming Lives.

These 4 domains are admittedly broad in scope and opportunities. However, we need to acknowledge that resources and time are circumscribed. Thus, we will be inviting you to participate in a need’s analysis survey so that the EXCO can plan and execute events to their best ability to achieve prime wellbeing and holistic development for both parents and sons.
We heartily appreciate your time and express our deepest gratitude for supporting us and we hope for a successful journey with you all!

Together with my co-chairperson, Ms Ng Foong Meng (VP), we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a blessed 2022 ahead.

Kevin Seah
Co-Chairperson 2022 – 2023
22 Dec 2021