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A warm welcome to the Patrician Parent! It is an incredible pleasure to have you all on board.

In the past three years, safe management measures due to the pandemic have distinctly affected the ability and potential of PSGs to provide opportunities for parents to participate and engage in school activities.

During the same time period, the school has made some updates to their provision of a contemporary educational experience. One visible instance is the update of the school uniform.

The Patrician Parent has updated ourselves to keep in alignment to the school’s Vision, Mission, Motto and Values.

As of October 2022, MOE announced more opening-up measures in alignment with MOH. Looking forward into 2023, it will also be St Patrick’s 90th anniversary. The Patrician Parent will endeavour to bring back meaningful parent engagement activities in the school. We heartily appreciate your time and express our deepest gratitude for supporting us and we hope for a successful journey with you all!

Together with my co-chairperson, Ms Ng Foong Meng (VP), and the TPP Exco, we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a blessed 2023 ahead.

Kevin Seah
Co-Chairperson 2022 – 2023
21 Dec 2022