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Student Council

Tier Two of our leadership education focuses on Team Leadership, where outstanding Patricians who demonstrate competency in striving to lead others are developed as student councillors. The Student Council provides a platform for outstanding leaders to participate collaboratively in meaningful causes that would make a positive difference. It allows Patricians to grow as effective communicators and people managers who are competent and efficient in the execution of their projects. By facilitating school wide events, Patricians will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to strive as effective team leaders.

Tier Three of our leadership education focuses on Community Leadership, where Patricians who have demonstrated outstanding self and team leadership will be given the opportunity to function as the core representatives of the student leader population in crafting and executing meaningful action plans for the improvement of the school environment. Students in this level will be trained in skills such as situational analysis as well as event planning under the advisement of the student leadership teachers. This program will allow the EXCO leaders to have the opportunity to envision their long and short term goals for the school, to redefine their leadership roles as well as to develop skills such as people management, forward planning, facilitation and managing the organisational effectiveness of the Student Leadership body of St. Patrick’s School.

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