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Prefectorial Board

The Prefectorial Board is dedicated to its mission of serving the school through ensuring a safe and conducive school environment for all Patricians. As student leaders, Prefects serve as role models by embodying what it means to be a disciplined Patrician who works for the good of those around them. They serve the school community by playing an essential role of acting with moral courage, influencing and rallying their peers to participate in ensuring orderliness and smooth operations of the school. Besides carrying out their daily duties, Prefects also provide service to the school through the planning of key events such as Open House. These opportunities provide authentic learning experiences for Prefects in their development as leaders with heart and purpose, forging a peaceful and united school community.

Events and Achievements
  1. Prefect Training Programme
    All Junior Prefects undergo a vigorous training program helmed by the Senior Prefects. This program takes place every week through on the job training, so as to facilitate smooth operations of the school day. Through this program, our Prefects will emerge with leadership skills such as conflict de-escalation, mentorship, as well as public speaking skills.

  1. Project Management Programme
    Senior Prefects will be trained to develop action plans for both small and large scale projects. Senior Prefects work closely alongside the student leaders from Peer Leaders, Sports Leaders, and the Patrician Ambassador to ensure the smooth running of school wide events such as Teachers’ Day, Open House, and the Annual Speech Days

  1. External Leadership Conferences
    To develop our outstanding student leaders, Prefects are also given opportunities to network with student leaders from other schools through leadership camps and conferences organised in the East Zone Cluster.


Ms Cheryl Lek