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Our Philosophy

At St. Patrick’s School, we believe that every Patrician can be a leader with heart, empowered to make a positive difference. Our student leadership programmes aim to provide Patricians with opportunities to develop leadership dispositions, values, and attitudes through leading with care and competence. Our curriculum is grounded in Jim Kouzes and Parry Posner’s Leadership Challenge and the Design for Change thinking framework, where Patrician Leaders take ownership in the envisioning, planning and execution of projects and events. These concepts have been integrated to our leadership challenge – STRIVE +


Our Framework

Our leadership development opportunities can be classified into three tiers where they will be guided by their teachers throughout their leadership journey.


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Leadership Progression

LP image4.png

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Teachers in Charge
1. Ms Cheryl Lek (Overall IC) – lek_li_ling_cheryl@moe.edu.sg 
2. Mr Kang Xianbin
3. Mr Boon Jia hui
4. Ms Zoey Ang
5. Mr Kelvin Yee