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Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Cohort Learning Experiences

ECG in St Patrick’s School highlights the importance of self-responsibility, as students make informed decisions in working towards their goals. In line with the national Skills Future movement, the department continues to engage students in the area of Education and Career Guidance (ECG) through lessons and learning journeys.

Secondary 1 students first discover more about themselves, their individual interests through self-evaluation tools and a visit to the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI).

ECG S1a.jpg
Learning more about Live-coding as part of post-exams activities.

1_Lifelong Learning Institute.jpeg
Secondary 1 students during a visit to Lifelong Learning Institute in November 2019.

3_Lifelong Learning Institute.jpeg
Secondary 1 students during a visit to Lifelong Learning Institute in November 2019.

At Secondary 2, students are provided with information about what they need to achieve their career, including the subjects they need to choose. 

4_ITE Experience Day.jpg
Secondary 2 students exploring a NITEC course during ITE Experience Day.

5_ECG Day Sec 2.jpg
Secondary 2 students exploring the various post-secondary educational institution booths in the school hall during ECG Day.

All Secondary Three students are provided with applied learning opportunities in various post-secondary institutions to enrich their career guidance curriculum. Elective Modules (EMs) such as Small Business Operations and Video Production are held in school while Advanced Elective Module (AEMs) such as Electronic Design and Development and are taught by Polytechnic lecturers. 

ECG S3a.jpg
Fitness and Conditioning Elective Module as Post-exam activity in October 2021 as part of learning more about themselves.

7_AEM Stage Production.jpg
Secondary 3 students in the middle of their self-scripted performance during an Advance Elective Module.

8_AEM Air Traffic Controller.jpg
Secondary 3 students who won the “Best Airport Model” design during the AEM on Air Traffic Controller.

Secondary 4 & 5 students are provided with knowledge to help guide them with longer term career goals, so that students can utilise the information gained on the various post-secondary education pathways to set realistic and achievable targets for the rest of the year to work towards. 

11_ECG Day Alumni Talk.JPG
Students attending a talk by an alumnus during ECG Day.

12_ECG Day students at booth2.jpg
Students exploring various booths during the annual ECG Day.

13_ECG Day with alumni and parents.JPG
Parents joined their sons for an alumni career talk on Airport operations during ECG Day.