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NCC (Land)



"To Strive With Pride and Dedication"

The NCC (Land) of St. Patrick’s School is awarded Distinction in the Unit Recognition for 2021. This achievement, yet again, is a testament of the dedication and commitment of Teachers and Cadets. With the guidance of the teachers, the senior cadets planned and carried out weekly trainings for the junior cadets.

These training sessions mainly target 3 key aspects of the development of the cadet, which are in line with that of NCC HQ, resilient mind, strong body and committed heart. Cadets are put through obstacles to learn how to overcome setbacks and emerge as confident individuals. Trainings include foot drills, physical fitness training, weapon handling and lessons on military knowledge. To inject elements of fun into the training schedule, the unit carries out laser tag competitions, learning journeys and takes part in cluster training with other school units.

Given the responsibility to lead training, senior cadets will hone their leadership skills of mastering the fine balance between strictness, leniency and brotherhood, constantly adapt new ways to ensure training is fun while maintaining training standards. NCC (Land) is a CCA that works together as a unit to foster a sense of belonging to the CCA, school and country.

Achievements/ Participation

Distinction in Unit Recognition 2021

Participation in Free Style Drill 2022

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Commanding Officer: CPT (NCC) Ang Darrenkane - ang_darrenkane@moe.edu.sg
Teacher Officers: CPT (NCC) Tan Chiew Seng – tan_chiew_seng@moe.edu.sg
Teacher Officers: LTA (NCC) Chan Hui Lun - hui_lun_chan@moe.edu.sg 
Teacher Officers: LTA (NCC) Zoey Ang - ang_zoey@moe.edu.sg