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NCC (Land)


CCA Events and Achievements

  1. Distinction, Unit Recognition 2019
Due to the sheer hard work of the Teachers and Cadets, we have yet again clinched the top honours for the annual NCC HQ Unit Recognition. We would like to thank all who have contributed to the achievement and look forward to another meaningful year.

  1. Free-style Drill Competition 2020


The Free-style Drill (aka FSD) squad, is a dedicated group of cadets who train for almost an entire year to prepare for the FSD competition in the earlier half of the year. Training begins the year before and even during the holidays. FSD focuses on teamwork and coordination, as every member of the squad has to get the movement and timing synchronised, for the routine to be holistic and complete. The FSD squad has come so far and was really prepared for the competition this year.

However, despite the hours of training, the competition has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We all are saddened by the turn of events, and do hope that we will come back as strong, if not better, the following year.

CCA Training Schedule

Wednesday: 2.30pm – 6pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Commanding Officer: LTA (NCC) Ang Darrenkane
Teacher Officer: LTA (NCC) Chan Hui Lun
Teacher Officer: LTA (NCC) Zoey Ang