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NCC (Land)


CCA Events and Achievements

  1. NCC Unit Recognition 2019: Distinction Award
2. HQ Camp & Events 
Cadets will have the opportunity to attend adventure camps such as Camp FORGE, Camp STEEL, and Mount Ophir Expedition. On top of that, there are leadership training camps such as the Senior Specialist Leaders Course (SSLC), which prepares our top cadet leaders in the CCA to be resilient leaders. Cadets will also be trained in Technical Handling of the Singapore Assault Rifle 21st Century (SAR 21), attain knowledge on marksmanships which will allow them to fire the SAR 21 live at the range. 

3. International Cadet Exchange Programs
Cadets who are interested in overseas programmes can also participate in the International Cadets Exchange Programme (ICEP) which exposes cadets to the military elements in various other countries such as Brunei, United Kingdom, United States of America and Hong Kong.

4. Values-In-Action (VIA) Projects
Each year our cadets plan and execute a project to benefit the community, either within school or the neighbourhood. This VIA Project allows for the cadets to exercise the leadership, in terms of planning for such a project, teamwork as they cooperate with one another, and humility to serve others. 

5. Free-style Drill (FSD) Squad

The FSD squad, is a dedicated group of cadets who train for the FSD competition in the earlier half of the year. FSD focuses on teamwork and coordination, as every member of the squad has to get the movement and timing synchronised, for the routine to be holistic and complete. Cadets gain the values of teamwork and discipline, as they journey with the squad during competition period.

6. Leadership Development
Beside the acquisition of military knowledge and discipline, cadets will be able to attain leadership skills and allowed the opportunity to put those skills into practice. Cadets who demonstrate the right attitude and ability, will be given the opportunity to assure larger leadership roles and assume greater leadership responsibility. Leadership takes time to nurture and we will journey with them from Secondary 1. The training culminates in Secondary 3, with practical opportunities and finally assuming their roles as leaders of the Unit. We believe that every cadet can be a leader, and we will help them grow into their leaders of the future. 

CCA Training Schedule

Fridays: 2.00 - 5.30pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Commanding Officer: CPT (NCC) Ang Darrenkane
Teacher Officer: CPT (NCC) Tan Chiew Seng
Teacher Officer: LTA (NCC) Chan Hui Lun
Teacher Officer: LTA (NCC) Zoey Ang