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NCC (Air)


CCA Events

  1. HQ Organised Camps and International Cadets Exchange Programme (ICEP)
Throughout their four years in NCC, cadets get to go through a series of adventure camps such as Camp FORGE, Camp STEEL, and Mount Ophir Expedition. On top of that, there are leadership training camps such as the Senior Specialist Leaders Course (SSLC) to prepare the top student leaders in the CCA to be resilient leaders. During these camps, students will be trained in Technical Handling of SAR 21 rifle, Individual Marksmanship Training and Live Firing of SAR 21. Cadets who are interested in overseas programmes can also participate in the International Cadets Exchange Programme (ICEP) which exposes cadets to the military elements in various other countries such as Brunei, United Kingdom, United States of America and Hong Kong.

  1. Flight Experience Programs (FEP)
Our cadets are also exposed to elements of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) training. The Flight Experience Programs (FEP) allows the cadets to be on board some of the aircrafts which the RSAF uses such as C-130 and F-50. On top of that, all cadets are also trained in the air force proficiency knowledge such as aircraft recognition skills, vocations in RSAF, specifications of air crafts and the Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) capabilities of the RSAF.

  1. Partnership with Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC)
The unit partners with the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) to offer flight experience programmes for our cadets. One such example is the DA40 flying experience programme which allows selected cadets to get on board the cockpit of the DA40 plane. In addition, NCC (Air) Cadets also specialise in Aeromodelling. Each year, talented cadets are trained to fly the Radio-Controlled Planes and represent the unit to compete against other schools in the annual NCC Aero-modelling Competition.

  1. Our NCC Air Curriculum
The unit also aims to broaden our scope of aeromodelling experiences for all cadets. All Junior Cadets will get to experience the Air Simulation Programme and will be taught how to build a paper walk-along glider. The Senior Cadets will be taught how to build a launch glider made from balsa wood. To further enhance the Cadet Leaders’ proficiency in aeromodelling, the unit together with NCC HQ will conduct an Aeromodelling Course in school. The Cadet Leaders who have passed the course will have the chance to become the unit’s Aeromodelling ICs and will design the aeromodelling programmes in the unit.

  1. Values-in-Action (VIA) for NCC Air Cadets
To nurture Servant Leadership in our cadets, the unit continues to participate in the annual Values-in-Action (VIA) project at Geylang East Home for the Aged. Before Senior Cadets embark on the VIA project, they will participate in an Elderly Befriending Course organised by South East CDC. It is a course aimed to equip our cadets with the soft skills needed to interact with the seniors. It also provides them with the platform to brainstorm possible meaningful activities with which to engage the seniors.

CCA Training Schedule

Wednesday: 2.30pm – 6.00pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

LTA (NCC) Firza Maisarah Bte Mohd Raffid
LTA (NCC) Ng Hui Zhen
LTA (NCC) Koh Shi Li
Mr Ong Ling Kang