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NCC (Air)

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"Above all!"

Our school’s NCC Air exhibited excellence in multifarious aspects to clinch the Distinction Award in this year’s Unit Recognition. On top of rigorous training that increased our cadet’s fitness, our cadets also collaborated with the Singapore Kindness Movement to conceptualize and execute a social media campaign. Cadets also attended adventure camps such as Camp FORGE, and Camp STEEL, and leadership training camps such as the Senior Specialist Leaders Course (SSLC) to prepare top student leaders in the CCA to be resilient leaders.

Fueled by their camaraderie and grounded in their training, the St. Patrick’s NCC Air Unit bested schools from across Singapore, including long time champions, in their very first venture at the National Air Race organized by Asia Flight Simulation Centre. Formative experiences that led to their victory included The Flight Experience Programs (FEP), which allowed cadets to board RSAF aircrafts such as the C-130 and F-50. In addition, our Air Simulation Program, Aeromodelling courses, and Drone Flying Program helped raise our cadet’s knowledge to the cutting edge.

Achievements/ Participation

Unit Recognition 2021

National Air Race (organized by Asia Flight Simulation Centre)

-       National Air Race (3rd Place)

-       National Top Gun Fighter Challenge (Champion

CCA Training Schedule

Fridays: 2.00 – 6.00pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

LTA (NCC) Firza Maisarah Bte Mohd Raffid - firza_maisarah_mohd@moe.edu.sg
     LTA (NCC) Koh Shi Li - shi_li_koh@moe.edu.sg
     2LT (NCC)  Ong Lingkang - ong_ling_kang@moe.edu.sg