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CCA Events and Achievements

  1. National School Games
Football in St Patrick’s School has always been a major sporting CCA. We have attained numerous awards such as 2nd place achievement in the 2019 National School Games League 1 for both C and B Division tournament, maintaining our top 4 positions for both divisions in the National School Games for the past five years. This has enriched and stretched our school team players as they strive to overcome well-known school teams across Singapore with commitment and hard work in order to clinch the title.

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  1. Weekend Tournaments
The CCA has always also participated in weekend competitions such as the SCC 7 2019 competitions and the Bayern Munich Competition 2019. Such experiences allow us to provide exposure to the developmental team.

  1. Circuit Breaker Training
During the Circuit Breaker, continued to carefully plan an intensive training schedule. The trainings comprised of various physical exercises, football drills and endurance runs, tracked by running applications on their mobile. Continuous positive communication and encouragement among each other through different online platforms ensured that the camaraderie between senior and junior players were nurtured.

  1. Team Bonding Events
The CCA believes in conducting non-footballing team bonding events to ensure that the student athletes understand each other’s characters and ambitions. For the past few years, SPS Football CCA has conducted numerous training camps, most recently in Sentosa Costa Sands for the ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division teams. The CCA also engages in team activities from corporate vendors such as Combat Archery and Laser Tag, which are usually held during the team’s November/December holiday training.

CCA Training Schedule

B Division: Monday and Wednesdays, 230pm – 430pm
B Development: Wednesday, 230pm – 430pm
C Division: Tuesday and Thursday, 330pm – 530pm
C Development: Monday and Friday, 230pm – 430pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Mr Taufiq Malek
Mr Ridzwan Suri
Mdm Sunanety Zainul Abeedin
Mdm Norniza Junadi
Mr Seow Jian Ting