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Media & Design


CCA Events and Achievements

  1. Competitions we participate in
    1. Safety Begins with Me: Submission of works that illustrate how you "take time to take care of your safety and health" in your daily activities in and outside of school, campus or at work.
    2. Chromatic Awards – International Photo Competition
    3. Our Schools, Our Stories

  1. External CCA Events (Pre-COVID 19)
    1. VJC Expose 2018
    2. Montage 2018, 2019

  1. Talks with photographers
    Mr Bernard Sim, owner of Magicdow.

CCA Training Schedule

Friday: 2.30 to 5pm
*Duties are primarily based on the timing of school events

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Ms Ruth Lim
Mr Sayed