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Media Club



"Created to Create!"

The Media and Info Communication Club of St. Patrick’s School is instrumental in providing print, audio, video and photography support for school events and activities.

Trained by industry professionals, the 3 branches of the Media and Info Communication Club - Broadcast Journalism, Media and Design and Audio-Videography work hand in hand to ensure the successful running and coverage of events. Applying the skills and techniques taught and adding their own creativity, our Patrician content creators produce content to best represent our school values and culture, thereby fostering a stronger school spirit in this digital age.

Achievements/ Participation

Media & Design

1. Participation in External Competitions

        ●     Chromatic Awards – International Photo Competition

        ●     Nikon Photo Contest 2020- 2021

        ●     Our Schools, Our Stories 2020-2022

        ●     KMPOA Youth Portfolio 2022

        ●     SYF Pixel Perfect 2022

2. Participation in External CCA Events

        ●     VJC Expose 2018

        ●     Montage 2018, 2019

3. Workshops with Professional Photographers, such as Mr Bernard

    Sim, owner of Magicdow.



1. Participation in External Competitions

        ●     Safety Starts With Me 2020 Competition

        ●     Our Schools, Our Stories Photo Contest 2020-2021

        ●     Singapore Young Photographer Award 2020

        ●     Copyright School Challenge Video Competition 2021-2022

        ●     Lions Home School Video Competition 2020-2022

        ●     National Youth Film Awards 2022


Broadcast Journalism

1. Participation in External Competitions

        ●     Our Schools, Our Stories 2020-2022

        ●     Lions Home School Video Competition 2022

CCA Training Schedule

Friday, 230 - 530pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Overall I/C:Ms Geraldine Quek (quek_yi_ling_geraldine@moe.edu.sg )


Second I/C and Media and Design I/C:

Ms Ruth Lim (lim_li_chen_ruth@moe.edu.sg )


Broadcast Journalism:

Miss Faith Wong (faith_wong_soke_yee@moe.edu.sg )


Media and Design:

Ms Karen Pereira (pereira_karen_louise@moe.edu.sg )



Mr Juhari (Teacher I/C) (juhari_mohamed@moe.edu.sg )

Ms Mabel Sim (sim_yi_wei_mabel@moe.edu.sg )

Mr Tan Tat Hock (tan_tat_hock@moe.edu.sg )