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CCA Events and Achievements

1. Minecraft Education Global Build Championship
Our junior librarians submitted our entry for the above mentioned competition. The theme was to create a safe environment where both animals and humans co-exist in safe spaces.  The team created a wet market scenario where both creatures and humans lived in an environmentally friendly setting.  It was both an educational and rewarding experience for the juniors.

Lib 1.jpg
Finalists for the International High School STEM competition. 
Screen Shots of submission for the Minecraft Global competition

2. Finalists for the International High School STEM competition. (International 
    Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management)
Our senior librarians, Lucas Lai, Ethan Lim Yoke Han, Kaiser Chao and Troy Chng submitted a proposal to infuse STEM concepts into building a Tiny House for Harry Potter as he lived in a cupboard under the stairs in the novel. The pitch was accepted by the organising panel and the librarians were invited to present at the international conference.

3. National Kidney Foundation’s Singapore Edition Sticker Pack Competition
As part of the non-fiction theme for the library, the librarians embarked on a ‘Healthy Kidney’ project where they had to carry out research on what constitutes a healthy kidney.  Jordan Tay’s project was chosen for submission for the competition.

Lib 2.png
Jordan Tay’s entry for the NKF Competition

4. International Bow Seat's 2021 Ocean Awareness Contest
To raise awareness of Earth’s environment the students went on board to be part of the organisation’s attempts to be more mindful of the environs. Ethan Lim took part in the Ocean Awareness Contest by submitting a spray-painting of the deep, dark oceans and what awaits it.  He also had to do a write-up of his submission.

lib 3.png
Ethan Lim’s Submission

5. NLB’s National  Historical Search Investigation Competition (Bronze medal)
To equip the students with the appropriate research skills for their respective Humanities subjects, Aldrich Choo, Fernando Tham and Wee Eng Hong put their skills to good use by clinching the bronze award for their video on The Changing Face of the Singapore River.

Lib 4.jpg
Screen Shot of H.S.I. video submission

CCA Training Schedule

Wednesdays: (Virtual NLB workshop) 3.00 - 4.00pm
Fridays: 1.30 - 3.00pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Ms Deepa Sekhri
Ms Hazlian Karim
Ms Haida Abdullah