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Modern Dance

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CCA Events and Achievements

Our Modern Dance club comprises of dynamic individuals with a passion for dance. We aim to provide opportunities for students to learn alongside professionals from the industry, grow their creativity in dance and choreography, as well as to seek out platforms to showcase their talents. 

1) Joo Chiat 60th Anniversary National Day Carnival 2019
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2) Chinese Street Dance Competition 2020
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3) D:2 Dance Competition – The Experience 2020Dance 2.jpg

4. Reflexxx - Dance CCA & Hip Hop Progamme 2021
Click on the link to watch our Dance CCA & Hip Hop Programme, Reflexxx, held early this year for students from our Dance Club, as well as for those who have interest in learning hip hop. 

CCA Training Schedule

Fridays: 2.30 - 4.30pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Mr Haniel Soh