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Guitar Ensemble


CCA Events and Achievements

  1. Singapore Youth Festival 2019
SYF 2019 (1).jpg
Our Guitar Ensemble participated in the Singapore Youth Festival in April 2019 and clinched our fourth consecutive Certificate of Distinction award after months of hard work put in by our members. We are extremely grateful for the skilful mentorship of our conductor, instructors and teachers, the steadfast support of the alumni and patient understanding of the students’ families.

  1. Sunrise Concert Series
Sunrise III (2019) (3).jpg

Our Sunrise concerts are a series of public performances by the Guitar Ensemble at the Esplanade Recital Studio. The students get to showcase their talent and hard work through whole-ensemble and small group performances. We even have our alumni join us not only with their guitar skills, but their melodious voices too as they sing alongside our young guitarists! The audience are treated to an evening of lively tunes, from nostalgic classics to familiar pop songs to traditional folk numbers.

Our Sunrise series began in 2015, with Sunrise I: First Light, followed by Sunrise II: Celebrat10n in 2017 and Sunrise III: Explorential in 2019. The ensemble is looking forward to holding Sunrise IV in 2021 at the Esplanade Recital Studio.

  1. Shamrock Concert
To commemorate St. Patrick’s School’s 85th anniversary, the ensemble collaborated with our school’s Military Band to put together a concert, Shamrock: Wonders & Wanders. The concert featured performances by both musical groups and two combined pieces – Wonders and Wanders and Espana Cani. The former was specially commissioned for this occasion, by Mr Lee Jin Jun, an award winning Singaporean composer. It was the first time our students had a joint concert with the Band and it was an eye-opening experience learning from one another and coming together to share their passion for music, regardless of instrument.

  1. Concert Outings
Concert Outing 2019.jpg
On top of performing for the public, our members also attend concerts by other Guitar ensembles to gain exposure to a variety of performance styles and pick up tips from fellow guitar aficionados. Our ensemble has attended several concerts by Xposé Guitar Ensemble, which is conducted by our conductor, Mr Ow Leong San.

Besides being able to learn from seniors, these concert outings provide bonding opportunities for our Secondary 1 to 4 students too, as they let their hair down over pre-concert meals together!

  1. Music Exchange with Schools
Music Exchange with Luther College 2019 (1).jpg

The ensemble had the privilege of participating in music exchange programmes at Hwa Chong Institution in 2018 and 2019, where the guitar ensembles from various schools come together to perform for one another. Other participating schools include Republic Polytechnic and Catholic Junior College. In 2018, small ensembles were formed, each comprising students from all the participating schools. Each ensemble worked together to put up a performance. It was an enriching experience as within a few hours, the students had to work with people they were not familiar with to present an item. Yet although strangers to one another, their universal love for guitar music enabled all the ensembles to showcase electrifying performances.

In 2019, each school’s ensemble performed their SYF pieces. Through watching other schools’ performances and being given comments by several Guitar Ensemble instructors, our members obtained valuable feedback which they could use to better their skills.

  1. Student Conductor Workshop
Student Conductor Workshop 2019 (1).jpg

Our members also had opportunities to interact with established musicians in the industry. Several students attended workshops conducted by the Xposé Guitar Ensemble over the years, which saw our Student Conductors getting to hone their conducting skills and the rest performing with the Xposé members! These are definitely meaningful experiences for our boys as they aspire to become seasoned musicians as well.

In September 2019, we had the honour of having international award-winning guitarist Kevin Loh conduct a workshop for the ensemble to share his passion and knowledge with them.

  1. Secondary 1 Music Enrichment Programme
At the start of each year, the ensemble performs several pieces for the new Secondary 1 cohort during the orientation programme and Open House. They also spend some time teaching their juniors basic guitar notes and chords, in the hope of exposing them to guitar music.

CCA Training Schedule

Day and Time
Levels Involved (Semester 1)
Wednesday, 2.30 – 5.45pm
all levels
Friday, 2.30 – 5pm
all levels

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Ms Chen Li Yan – chen_li_yan@moe.edu.sg