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"We must all do theatre, to discover who we could become!"

After a dry spell, our current ranks have swelled to an admirable 28-strong cast of aspiring thespians. From our fledgling Sec 1 members to the graduating seniors in Sec 4, Drama CCA is a safe haven where members learn to work collaboratively: ever respectful of differences in ability and opinions.

The bi-weekly Drama training sessions provide our members with a space to hone their talents under the nurturing guidance of our teachers and Drama instructors. Lessons in voice projection and body conditioning provide members with a keen awareness of stage space and how to convey emotion wordlessly.

The club has journeyed together through filming and editing workshops as well as Literature camps, ensuring that our members become familiar both with on-stage and backstage processes to culminate in a perfect production.

Together, we are a family united in Drama!

Achievement/ Participation

2021 Puppetry Workshop

2022 Short Films Workshop

2022 One United People film production

CCA Training Schedule

Wednesday 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Friday 2.30 - 6 pm

CCA Teachers-in-Charge

Mr. Nicholas Huang - huang_hanmin_nicholas@moe.edu.sg

Ms. Annisa Shaaban  - annisa_shaaban@moe.edu.sg