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Secondary 1 Registration (for 2022)

To ensure your continued safety in this Covid-19 pandemic, the Secondary 1 Registration at St. Patrick’s School will be done online.

An Information Booklet and an Online Registration Form will be sent via ParentsGateway (PG) by 5pm* on the day of the release of posting results (after posting results have been received in the morning). The Information Booklet will include details on the purchase of uniforms and books. We seek your cooperation to read through the Information Booklet thoroughly and refrain from coming down to the school without a prior appointment. More information on the booking of appointment slots can be found in the Information Booklet.

(*As ParentsGateway (PG) is experiencing downtime from 3-5pm, the Information Booklet and Registration Form will be sent out by 6pm today (22nd Dec). We apologise for the delay and the inconvenience caused.)

Please note that the sale of uniform and books is unavailable on the day of the release of posting results

If you do not have a PG account, please download the ParentsGateway App on the Apple App Store or the GooglePlay Store and sign up for an account with your SingPass before posting results are released. The school will also be using PG as a primary mode of communication for future announcements. Please refer to the guide below for setting up your PG account if you have not done so.

Step by Step Guide to Setting Up ParentsGateway (PG) (Attachment)

For parents/guardians who are unable to sign up for a PG account or have difficulty accessing your account, please fill in this form. The Information Booklet and Online Registration Form will be e-mailed to you instead. 

Please refer to the table below for the timeline for Registration. 

image 1.jpg

If you require any assistance on the registration process or setting up of PG, please contact the General Office at 63440929. You may also choose to email the School Administrative Team at stpatricksch@moe.edu.sg

Sec 1 Orientation Programme 
The 5-day Orientation Programme from 4-7 & 10th January aims to help our new Patricians familiarise themselves to the school environment and to help them develop skills to begin managing this transition. Through activities such as a Heritage Tour, Mass Dance and Inter-Class Competitions we hope our Patricians will develop a sense of belonging to the school. 

The students will be assigned to orientation groups for the programme and this can be viewed on PG when you receive the Information Booklet. A detailed schedule of the orientation can also be found in this booklet.

Appeals for Transfer into St. Patrick’s School

Appeal for transfer into St. Patrick’s School will be open on the day of the release of posting results. Please submit this form by 27th December 2021, 5pm.

Schools will only be allowed to admit a student on discretionary basis if he has met the cut-off-point (COP) of the school for that year's S1 Posting. This is to ensure that discretionary admissions are aligned with S1 Posting, where posting is based on academic merit as demonstrated through the PSLE. Students seeking admission solely on the basis of other talents and achievements should only be admitted through DSA-Sec.  

Students successfully allocated to their DSA schools will not allowed to transfer to another school. They are expected to honour their commitment to the allocated DSA school for the entire duration of the programme. 

If the applicant is from an affiliated primary school, he will need to meet the affiliate COP if they had indicated the affiliated secondary school as his first choice during the School Choice Submission period. Otherwise, the applicant will need to meet the non-affiliate COP.  

Please refer to the following for the COP for Affiliated and Non-Affiliated students. 
*Indicative PSLE Score ranges of 2021 PSLE students posted to 2022 Sec 1





13 – 22

10 - 13

Normal Academic

21 – 24

21 – 22

Normal Technical

25 – 28

26 - 28