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Julian Lo Min Choong

Julian Lo Min Choong was speechless when realisation hit him that he had done very well for his GCE ‘O’ Level examinations – securing five A1s and one A2. Despite not being able to sleep the night before, he was still in high spirits as he anxiously waited for the release of the results. His road to success was not an easy one. In secondary 1, he was bogged down with emotional issues and often struggled to adjust to his new environment during the transition to secondary school. Julian admitted that it took him more than a year before he felt at home in St. Patrick’s. He attributed his turnaround to a more positive outlook and consistent encouragement from everyone in the school. During his time in Journalism Club, Julian had been exemplary in his conduct and was a motivation to his juniors.

Julian felt that handling stress and mental blocks was his greatest challenge last year. He and his friends provided daily support to each other during their physical and online interactions. He mentioned that focus, a calm and clear mind and sufficient sleep were essential in overcoming his examination anxiety. He also attributed his success to the invaluable support of his teachers who went beyond their teaching commitments and made the journey to success less daunting for him. His immediate family members also provided the emotional support that helped to ground him. Julian’s Patrician journey, albeit riddled with challenges, was definitely one that would catapult him to success.

“Thank you for a lifetime worth of memories and happiness” - Julian Lo Min Choong, Secondary 4F, class of 2017.