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Parent Support Group

To join us:

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You can also contact any Ex-Co member for assistance

To contact us:

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Patrician Parent Ex-co 

 Advisor:Derek Scully
 Advisor:Gerard Philips 
 Chairman:Christie de Rozario 
 Secretary:YY Leow
 Co-Secretary:Peter Heng
 Treasurer: Priscilla Chan
Eileen Toh 
 Auditor / Day Study Program: Thomas Cheang
 Events Head: Angie Ng
 IT Head:May Lim
 Exco Member:Aida Sturgess 
 Exco Member:Dale Taubman 
 Exco Member:Elnie Linardi 
 Exco Member:Sofia Kumala 

Meetings are scheduled to be held starting at 7:00pm on the last Friday of every month except for June Meetings are normally held in St Patrick’s School Conference Room (next to the General Office).

To join us please complete the registration form and submit.