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Financial & Non-Financial Information

Basic information

Name of School: St Patrick’s School
Address: 490 East Coast Road Singapore 429058
Charity / IPC status: School is an exempt charity and a member of the Education Central Fund
Charity Number/School’s Unique Entity Number: T07GS7022G
Governing instrument: Constitution

Auditor: (Name and year of appointment)
KLP LLP, Year 2018 - 2020

Objectives / Activities of school

Objectives of school :

School Vision
A Lasallian Institution that nurtures Patricians to be Boys of Faith, Gentlemen with Purpose, Leaders with Heart; worthy of God and man.

School Mission
Touch hearts. Engage minds. Transform lives.

School’s activities/programmes for the year:

The school offers Emerging Technologies as its Applied Learning Programme (ALP). The ALP aims to equip students with basic skills in Coding and Cloud Computing with exciting electives in Game Development, Esports and Drones. For the Life Long Learning Programme (LLP), the school offers a unique programme in Music Technology and Performing Arts. The LLP incorporates various modules on music-making and music performance with the use of technological tools, and emphasizes on creative experimentation through the integration of technology. Student Leadership Development is another signature programme where numerous opportunities are provided for students to exercise and develop their leadership skills and shape positive futures for themselves and their families, and the global community.

Fundraising activities carried out in the year (if any): Nil

Upcoming school’s activities/programmes:

The school continues to expand its adoption of technology beyond classroom learning into ALP and LLP. To prepare our students to be future ready, the ALP is expanding its coding expertise into making e-sports and gaming software and/or apps. LLP is also tapping on technology to enhance the students’ interest in making and performing music. Broadcasting and DJ skills will be introduced. The school is also reviewing its student leadership structure to achieve a target of 100% leadership opportunities for our students where numerous opportunities are provided for students to exercise and develop their leadership skills and shape positive futures for themselves, their families, and the global community. The school will be tapping on the FSBB infrastructure support to increase the number of learning spaces to cater to whole school implementation of FSBB.

Future fundraising plans (if any):

Fundraising to co-pay for the lift building project. The project has identified the need of 4 lifts for the school. The project was expected to complete in 2023.
School had gotten MOE’s Charities Unit to proceed with the Fundraising Project for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2023.