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St Patrick’s School English Language and Literature Department is guided by our mission to develop independent thinkers with a global outlook, who can express themselves confidently in the English language and able to relate to others based on Patrician values. The many programmes and activities we have put in place are aligned with this mission.

Key Programmes for 2017

1.    Reading Programme

“The more you read, the more you’ll know, the more you’ll learn and the more places you’ll go!” – Dr Seuss

As the nation embarks on a huge push to inculcate the reading habit, the EL department too is doing its part by engaging the students with the printed word. Students who enjoy reading are rostered to encourage the love of reading and to share books they enjoy at the morning assemblies. A student-initiated book club was started by a group of Secondary 3 students who made a trip to Kinokuniya to add to the school’s collection of books. The librarian and library teacher station themselves at the morning assembly ready to loan out books to students. The library continues to take part in NLB activities to encourage students to read books picked for the National Big Read competitions.

2.    Assessment Literacy

In a bid to improve school results, the department has embarked on Assessment for Learning in a targeted approach. For both Upper and Lower Secondary levels, teachers unpack the rubrics for writing assignments so that students know how to improve their writing. Students are given opportunities to bring their writing up to a higher level via group critique and self- assessment.

3.    Enrichment activities

As like other years, we continue to send our students to national writing competitions and cluster activities. We have also organized various activities like the Spelling Bee, drama competitions, talks and workshops for various levels to bring an authentic feel to the learning of both EL and Literature.

 4.    Literature Activities

This year, the Upper Secondary Literature students watched a play, Lord of the Flies by SightLines Production and our students had the opportunity to see their Literature text comes to life. Learning from live theatre broadened their perspectives and enhanced their learning beyond the classroom. Our students then engaged in a post-show dialogue with Mr. Derrick Chew to find out more about the whole process of making a play.

Selected Literature students from Secondary 1 to 4 took part in the National Schools’ Literature Festival. The Secondary Ones took part in the book trailer event where they performed a piece from their text, 9 Classroom Plays. The Secondary 2 students took part in two events, a choral reading event where they performed poetry to a public audience, as well as a book parade on The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas where students were tasked to showcase their projects based on the text. The Secondary 3 and 4 students also took part in the Literature Debates on their Literature texts and poems.

St. Patrick’s budding poets were also very excited to take part in the National Poetry Competition, entering their own poems in line with this year’s theme, Reflection.

We believe every Patrician has benefitted in some way or another from this plethora of English Language and Literature initiatives and programmes.  As a department, we look forward to developing our students into ever-more confident and skilful users, as well as advocators of the English language. The department is also proud to welcome Ms Tehreem and Ms Alyssa Lim to our team. We believe the hard work by every teacher contributes to the overall synergy and effectiveness of the department and look forward to taking the department to greater heights in the coming year.